Don’t Drink Protein Powder Now, Hate Yourself Later.

When the body is experiencing oxidative stress or does not have enough amino acids, this creates an adverse change. Without protein, your body cannot build and repair muscle tissue well. The good news is, consuming protein powder can help your body bring back the right balance for optimal muscle strength and size. It is most beneficial for people who lift weight and perform other exercises for resistance training. 

Benefits of Additional Protein in the Body

While drinking protein shake from the powder is an effective supplement for those who want to build muscle, it is not all about that. Protein powder can also support other fitness and health goals such as building endurance and strength, getting lean, and weight loss. 

With that, protein shakes are not only recommended for bodybuilders. If you want to lose weight, protein powders help your muscles meet their nutritional requirements while on a reduced-calorie diet. On the other hand, if you regularly work out, drinking a protein shake before an intensive exercise session can speed up muscle recovery and avoid a muscle breakdown.

How Much Protein Does Your Body Need to Obtain Maximum Benefits?

The amount of powder you consume regularly depends on a few essential factors:

Age. The older the person is, the more protein their body needs for muscle maintenance. Protein powders can also prevent the occurrence of sarcopenia and osteoporosis, which older adults tend to develop. 

Activity level. Individuals who are more physically active require more protein compared to those who have a sedentary lifestyle. If you exercise a lot, into sports, or have a physically demanding job, you should consume more protein. 

Hormones. People with high IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) and growth hormone in their body use the protein more effectively than those with low levels. These hormones gradually decrease as the body ages; hence, older people must drink more protein shakes. 

Body composition. If you are more muscular, you need to maintain this body composition by consuming more amino acids. A personal trainer can help determine how much muscle you have now by providing a body composition analysis. This offers you a clear understanding of where you currently at.

How to Use Protein Powder

Keep in mind that protein powders typically contain 15-30 grams of protein per serving. Here are some ways on how to consume protein powders:

  • Use protein as a shake or add to porridge or smoothie. These are great to have between meals. 
  • You may mix your protein powders with water, as it is known to reach muscles more quickly. 
  • If you do not eat dinner or be hungry after dinner, drink a protein shake before sleeping. This also helps prevent overeating during nighttime. 
  • Use protein shakes after working out to increase recovery and stop muscle breakdown.
  • If you are not into bodybuilding, consuming the powder once every day is sufficient enough. Once you increase your activity level, then add more protein to your diet. 

Although most people can meet their nutritional requirements by following a specific diet, more and more are incorporating protein powder as a supplement. These powders are a convenient and easy way to give your body its nutritional needs because sometimes, an active lifestyle and busy schedule can hinder the nutrition you get from your diet. 

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