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Dear Comrade is a romantic action drama film written and directed by Bharat Kamma and produced by Mythri Movie Makers and Yash Rangineni that was released in India in 2019. Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, and Shruti Ramachandran star in the film. The film’s principal photography began in August 2018. The film was released in Telugu theatres on July 26, 2019, along with dubbed versions in Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.


Bobby, aka Chaitanya Krishna, is heavily inebriated, dejected, and furious when the film starts. He’s having trouble accepting the fact that his girlfriend Lilly no longer wants him in her life. 

Bobby is a leftist student union leader at a college in Kakinada who deals with serious anger management problems at this point in the plot. Like his grandfather, Comrade Suryam, he’s a rebel without a cause. 

He has a feud with Bulliah’s brother, a local politician, as a result of which a girl from his college attempts suicide as a result of his repeated torment to reciprocate his affection. 

Over this, he even spends a night in jail with his friends. On his way back, he runs into Lilly, aka Aparna Devi, who causes him a minor accident, and Bobby takes all of her money to repair his bike as compensation. 

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When he returns home, he discovers that Lilly was, in truth, a childhood friend (cousin of his next-door neighbor’s daughter Jaya) who had come to Jaya’s wedding. 

Bobby’s earlier infatuation with Jaya is still a source of amusement for Lilly. Bobby learns that Lilly is a state-level cricket player during a local cricket match. 

He is blown away by her and begins to fall in love with her. Bobby gets into a heated argument with a student political leader during a small party held in the union office to celebrate their team’s win, and despite Lilly’s pleas to walk away, Bobby engages in a fistfight. 

Bobby has anger management problems, and Lilly attempts to persuade him to address and settle disputes internally rather than engaging in battles with others. 

She also reveals that she had a brother who died in a college campus brawl a few years ago and that Bobby’s brawls brought back those painful memories.

Bobby confesses his love for Lilly during Jaya’s wedding. But she tells him that they’re on separate life paths and that he’ll probably forget about her as soon as she leaves. 

Bobby is unable to cope with the rejection, and Lilly departs without saying goodbye. Bobby can’t stop thinking about her after she leaves, so he drives all night to Hyderabad to meet her and tell her he wants to be her companion on her life’s journey. 

She reciprocates his feelings by admitting that she, too, has been thinking a lot about him. Lilly, on the other hand, tells Bobby that she is afraid of him because of his extreme violence, but he dismisses it as a minor problem and promises to fix it for her.

Their love blossoms until one fateful day, when Bobby is drawn into another battle with Bulliah’s brother’s gang and unwittingly triggers the accident that puts Bulliah’s brother in a coma. 

Bullish becomes enraged and orders his men to kill Bobby, who is critically wounded during the fight with Bulliah’s men on his college campus, with Lilly seeing everything and having to go through the pain of losing a loved one for the second time. 

Lilly begins urging and entreating him to give up his violent impulses for the sake of his loved ones’ peace of mind when he wakes up in the hospital. 

Lilly begins urging and entreating him to give up his violent impulses for the sake of his loved ones’ peace of mind when he wakes up in the hospital. 

She gives him an ultimatum: either contain his anger and stay with her, or leave her forever. Bobby loses his cool when Lilly refuses to listen to his side of the story, and in a fit of anger, he drives her out of the hospital and orders her to go get lost in front of her family and friends.

Bobby later realizes his error and attempts to contact Lilly, but she requests that he does not bother her any longer and that she be allowed to concentrate on her career. He suffers heartbreak and, on his grandfather’s advice, leaves home to seek inner peace and his true comrade self. 


He ultimately joins a group of people working on a sound healing initiative. Bobby and the team travel to Hyderabad three years after he left home to meet a doctor and present their work, and while waiting in the waiting room, he sees Jaya and her husband. They inquire if he paid a visit to Lilly in the hospital. 

Bobby is depressed and agitated as he learns that Lilly was involved in an accident on the day of National Selection and sees her condition in the psychiatric hospital. 

He sneaks her out of the hospital and takes her to Kerala on a road trip to treat her physically and emotionally. Her leg recovers, and she gradually reverts to her previous happy self. He returns her to her home and happens to run into the doctor who had been treating her. 

The doctor tells him that although she appears to be comfortable on the outside, she is in pain on the inside. 

Bobby dismisses this, and as he walks away, he hands Lilly his digital voice recorder, which she can use to listen to if she is in any pain. 

Bobby and Lilly are then invited to a wedding of their mutual friends, where Lilly is surprised by Bobby’s newfound maturity, which allows him to forgive and party with Bulliah’s brother and his gang with ease. 

She asks Bobby to marry her because she wants to begin a family with him. Bobby, on the other hand, claims that their marriage isn’t in jeopardy and instead advises her to concentrate on her career aspirations now that she’s physically fit. 

Lilly informs him, much to his dismay, that she has retired from cricket. She walks away, enraged at Bobby for insisting on pressuring her to return to her cricketing career. 

Lilly is gradually convinced that Bobby has forgotten about his passionate love for her. Bobby, on the other hand, begins to wonder why Lilly has suddenly lost all interest in cricket.

Bobby runs into Lilly’s old teammate and friend Rubina, who now works in a tailoring store, one day. She tells Bobby the whole truth about what happened after he left Lilly’s life. 

Lilly’s team won the cup at a high-profile competition, and she was dubbed the “best player.” Ramesh Rao, the chief guest and award presenter, is a south-zone selector for the BCCI and has a thing for Lilly. 

The next day, he summons Lilly to his office and insists that she sleep with him to be considered for the national team. This demand has left Lilly noticeably shocked and in tears. 

Despite the entreaties of her good friend Rubina, in whom she had confided, she refuses to file a complaint about fear of conflict. 

However, Rubina complains on Lilly’s behalf, and when Ramesh Rao learns of this, he storms into their locker room and attacks both Lilly and Rubina. Lilly, who is shaken and upset as a result of the incident, is involved in an accident shortly after while crossing the road in a daze. 

Lilly was seriously scarred psychologically as a result of her broken leg and Ramesh Rao’s sexual abuse, and she fell into psychological collapse and depression. Bobby is enraged when he learns of all this through Rubina and beats Ramesh Rao black and blue with his comrade members. 

He then approaches Lilly and sobs in front of her, apologizing for ever abandoning her. Lilly has no idea why he’s suddenly confessed, but he’s encouraged by the fact that some of his old feelings for her have returned. 

Bobby, on the other hand, drives Lilly to the police station, where his friends are waiting, and files a formal police complaint against Ramesh Rao for sexual assault. 

Lilly refuses to cooperate with Bobby’s plans to take strong punitive action against Ramesh Rao, having unexpectedly realized the reason for his emotional turnaround. 

Instead, she bemoans the fact that everyone has always tried to impose their will on her, although no one has ever bothered to ask her what she wants. 

When she told her father about the incident, he prevented her because he thought it would harm the family’s reputation. 

Her angry father, who is now with her in the Police Station, escorts her back home, away from a disappointed Bobby, whose adamant pleas for her to stay and fight for her rights like true comrades are ignored.

Lilly is persuaded that Bobby’s temperament has never really improved and that he just pities her current condition rather than loving and honoring her after seeing the old bullying streak in him again. Against Jaya’s advice, she meets with a groom that her family has arranged for her.

 In the midst of all of this, Bobby walks into her house and attempts one last time to persuade her not to run away from her life, pledging not to let her crumble like the comrade Soviet Union.

 However, Lilly holds him responsible for not being there for her when she most needed him years ago, and she now sees a future with the new groom. 

She tells Bobby, much to his chagrin, that she would forget about him in a few years, just as he had done to her. 

Bobby tears up as he walks away from her, flashing back to his life in Ladakh over the last few years, where he had tried in vain to find peace and heal his broken heart. Every step of the way, Lilly’s memories had been with him. 

Ignorant of all of this, Lilly receives news of her upcoming wedding within the month, and she is unexpectedly overcome by the agony of losing Bobby for good. Bobby had left her an old voice recorder as a hearing aid, and she urgently reaches for it. 

However, the recordings were all Bobby’s intimate messages to Lilly during the years of their breakup, revealing his passionate and unwavering love for her. 

She is overjoyed, but her joy is short-lived when she learns that the video of Bobby assaulting Ramesh Rao has gone viral, and the media has turned it into a national topic. 

Lilly and her family have been thrown into the spotlight by the media. The Indian Board of Control for Cricket appoints a four-member committee to investigate Ramesh Rao’s allegations.

Bobby is arrested and incarcerated by the police officer in charge of the sexual harassment case, who is a neighbor of Ramesh Rao. 

Despite being thrashed and threatened in detention, Bobby continues to let Ramesh Rao off the hook. 

The officer also pays a visit to Lilly’s family, attempting to persuade Lilly to lie in exchange for Bobby’s safe release. 

So, despite Bobby being present and constantly urging her to take the one last step towards justice, she reluctantly states in her deposition before the BCCI committee that she was not sexually abused and assaulted by Ramesh Rao. 

Bobby is disillusioned by Lilly’s defeatist attitude and decides to give up his quest for justice. He apologizes for the inconvenience he has caused others. 

He claims that he was seeking personal revenge against Ramesh as a result of his anger management problems and that he only knew Lilly as a distant relative of a neighbor and had only seen her a few times. 

Lilly is horrified, and she attempts to hang on to Bobby while he is led back by the cops. He, on the other hand, tearfully drives her away, explaining that their paths are so dissimilar that they will never meet. 

Ramesh Rao then insults both Bobby and Lilly in court, demanding an apology from Lilly for making false accusations and defaming him, and claiming that it was all just a cheap publicity stunt pulled by a bad player like her. 

Enraged by this, and already hurt by Bobby’s bumbling lies, Lilly confronts Ramesh Rao in front of the committee and bitterly admits that he had sexually abused and raped her, abusing his role as a selector. 

She swears to Ramesh Rao that one day she will not only make the national team but also captain it. Bobby can observe all of this from the sidelines, unseen by Lilly, and is overjoyed to see the enthusiastic cricketer in her life return.

Later, when confronted by the media outside, Lilly stands fearlessly and says that every woman should have a Comrade who encourages her to fight for her rights and helps her in her path. 

She then frantically seeks out Bobby, telling him that she has finally overcome her doubts and has nailed Ramesh Rao, even beating him up in front of everyone. Bobby reveals with a smile that he did see Aparna Devi come to her senses. 

Bobby is then forced to retract his earlier hurtful comments about their journeys being different by Lilly. A cheerful Bobby does so, and the two lovers reunite, having fully accepted themselves for who they are. 

Bobby drops Lilly off at the National Cricket Academy during the credits and gives her a fist bump, reaffirming that she is his real comrade.

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