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Sujeeth’s film Saaho (lit. “Let victory be yours”) is a 2019 Indian action thriller written and directed by him. Vamsi Krishna Reddy and Pramod Uppalapati created it under the banner UV Creations. Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor star in the film, which was shot simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu and marks the former’s Hindi debut and the latter’s debut in South Indian cinema. 

A criminal who has robbed 2,000 crore rupees is pursued by an undercover agent and his partner. They soon discover that the case is connected to the assassination of a crime lord and the emergence of a gang war.


Narantak Roy, the underworld boss of Waaji City, is killed in a deliberate car accident in Mumbai. Devraj, the son of a former crime lord, declares himself the next king of the criminal syndicate. 

Ibrahim tells Kalki, the Roy Group’s legal counsel, that Roy’s family has been murdered, and he has been keeping it a secret for 25 years. He had a son called Vishwank, which was the secret. By succeeding his father as the next boss, Vishwank foils Devraj’s plans. Vishwank is determined to find out who killed his father.

Download Saho Full Movie Dubbed To Hindi In HD 720P Via FilmyZilla
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The plot shifts to India, where a mastermind easily steals two trillion rupees. To locate the perpetrator, a nationwide search is launched. The hunt is led by undercover agent Ashok Chakravarthy, who is notorious for his secrecy. 

They find a thief named Jai and trap him, assuming him to be the culprit, with the help of Amritha Nair, an officer he likes. Amritha and Ashok develop feelings for each other.

Amritha, Ashok, and David (a hacker) are involved in a chase with Jai. However, the thief “Jai” is discovered to be the real undercover police officer Ashok Chakravarthy: the lead officer who has been with them the whole time, Saaho, is the real thief who robbed the two trillion rupees. Amritha, along with the entire police force, is shocked when Saaho and his partner David flee.

Devraj had Roy assassinated to usurp his throne. Amritha follows Saaho and pretends to be in love with him while assisting Ashok. She, on the other hand, falls for Saaho and betrays Ashok. 

When Devraj shoots Amritha and kidnaps her, Saaho is forced to hand over the black box, the key to the locker containing all of the gangsters’ money. He, on the other hand, deceives Devraj and hands the black box over to Vishwank. Saaho demolishes Devraj’s building and takes his capital. Ashok and the police are chasing him, and a sniper in a helicopter is aiming for him. 

Amritha, who is also in the helicopter, tries to save Saaho by diverting the sniper’s attention away from her, but the sniper pushes her into danger. With a jet pack, Saaho saves her, but he is apprehended. 

Devraj’s side is revealed to be Kalki’s. She finds pictures of Roy and his son when she opens the vault with Vishwank’s fingerprint and the black box. Saaho fights and defeats Devraj’s thugs. 

When Devraj arrives, Saaho reveals that he is Roy’s real son, Siddhant Nandan Saaho. He also reveals that he did everything to avenge the death of his father. Saaho’s true identity is also revealed to Ashok and Amritha. 

All of them are shocked when Kalki discovers a portrait of Roy and Saaho in the vault. Saaho avenges his father’s death by killing Devraj. 

Vishwank was not Roy’s son, but Ibrahim’s; his real name is Iqbal, and he was brought in to save Roy’s throne, according to Ibrahim. He exposes Saaho’s true identity to the gang members, and Saaho rises to become the underworld’s next leader. 

Months later, Saaho tracks down Amritha in Innsbruck, Austria, and confesses his love for her; they kiss passionately. As he opens his eyes, a sniper aims at Saaho, who is aware of the danger in the distance.

Day 1 box office collection for Saaho: Prabhas’ film grossed over Rs 130 crore worldwide 

Download Saho Full Movie Dubbed To Hindi In HD 720P Via FilmyZilla
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Day 1 box office collection for Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor’s Saaho in Hindi: The Hindi version of Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor’s Saaho received Rs 24.40 crore on Day 1. It had a gross opening of more than Rs 130 crore in all languages.

Final worldwide receipts for ‘Saaho’: Prabhas’ film becomes India’s highest-grossing film of 2019. 

Since its release on August 30, the film has grossed Rs 232.6 crore worldwide in all languages. According to records, the film was a success in Hindi but a flop everywhere else. The theatrical value of the film is Rs 290 crore, with 80.2 percent of the film’s budget recovered. The film’s gross production budget was Rs 350 crore, with non-theatrical revenue of Rs 138 crore, bringing the total to more than Rs 370 crore.

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Download Saho Full Movie Dubbed To Hindi In HD 720P Via FilmyZilla
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