Dwayne Johnson posted an inspiring story from the sets of Red Notice.

After a long halt due to the pandemic, Dwayne Johnson is back with Netflix’s Red Notice. He keeps on updating the fans about the crime thriller. At present, he is back with another inspiring story.

“The Rock” has 200 million followers over the social media. His most frequent posts includes his Tequila business, his daily workouts, along with his set updates. He shared an inspiring story related to the production assistant he found on the set of Red Notice.

Here’s what “therock” posted on Instagram: “If you know, you know.

Every morning I walk on our massive sound stage, greeting our crew and getting ready for work.

This shirt caught my eye, so I walked over and said, “Not many people know the real meaning of these words” as I pointed to his shirt.

He nodded and said, “No sir, but we do”

I gave him a 👊🏾 and said “That guy was one of my heroes – you’re a good man”.

This is @ryan_adam_george_ and he’s a hard working PA with a great personality – representing our awesome PA department.

If you strive to be the hardest worker in the room and a good human being, then we’re all the American dream and the son (or daughter) of a plumber

Great shirt, Ryan!!

Let’s get back to work.”

Dwayne Johnson has been through a lot to achieve a successful career, and becoming the highest paid actor of the Hollywood. He knows what it takes to be whatever you want to be.

In addition, his wrestling profession is a benefit for him.

At present, he is giving his best on the sets of the Red Notice. Netflix paid a huge amount to get this movie, making it the first Netflix film where Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson appeared together. Another superstar Ryan Reynolds is also going to co-star in the movie, making it his 2nd Netflix film after he featured in the 6 Underground.

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