Evacuation triggered by a northern Californian wind-driven brush fire.

A brush fire has always been an issue for California. A new such incident has been reported
from Calaveras county from northern California. According to some media estimates, it has
burnt over 1100 acres of land till now. Now, the locals have been displaced to protect
themselves from the increasing fire. Many people and organizations have come forward to
extend their support for these people.

The Red Cross has been facilitating people with a place to stay and food until the fire is
completely obliterated. They are using a local school and some other facilities in order to do so. There are estimates of heavy winds from Wednesday. That’s why the area is on high alert. The winds can give the fire more strength and ultimately the fire could rapidly spread further. That’s the reason the locals have been displaced.

Evacuation triggered by a northern Californian wind-driven brush fire.
Evacuation triggered by a northern Californian wind-driven brush fire.

The fire started at around 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Initially, it wasn’t taken that seriously and it was estimated that it can burn an area of 10 acres at max. However, cameras reveal that the fire spread at a very fast face in its first hour, and then it continued to spread at a very rapid speed. Although, the reason for the fire isn’t clear yet. It is being investigated as of now.

More than 400 firefighters are currently employed in the job to take the town to the fire. But the fire has taken a massive form and it’s not going easy to be controlled. Many water tanks and helicopters are being used for this purpose. Kilgore said that “They did make good headway on the fire last night, but we still have additional crews coming in today,” “The winds are definitely a primary concern.” For any update, stay tuned with us.

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