Events, Liabilities, and Protection: The Event Insurance Case

If you work for a company that organizes events or just want to throw a little party with your friends, you must be aware that unpredictable situations can occur. However, you can protect yourself and your investment in such cases if you plan everything carefully.

After you have found a nice location, contacted the owners, calculated the required quantities of food and drinks for your guests, prepared the menu, you should think about insurance. 

Read below about the importance of choosing event insurances.

What Are Event Insurances and How Do They Work?

Once you have organized a gathering, keep in mind certain unpredictable events can occur. In these situations, you have to cancel or postpone your organized event.

Once you have chosen event insurance, you will have financial protection if you must cancel your gathering. Event insurances are often related to weddings, but they can also cover 50th-anniversary parties, graduation ceremonies, formal events such as bar mitzvah, and any event requiring increased expenses.

The event insurance contains clauses that cover illness, serious accidents resulting in one’s injuring or death. You must predict what happens when one of the officiants of that wedding doesn’t participate in the event. 

In that case, your insurance helps you recover a part of your invested money.

Additional Event Insurance Coverages

  1. Military service

If you have organized a wedding where the bride or groom serves in the military or is an active reserve, their superiors require their presence. 

  1. Gowns and tuxedoes

Suppose you are a bridal salon owner that chooses event insurance. This specific policy is a very useful type of investment if your salon runs out of business or your clothing products get damaged.

  1. Gifts

When organizing events, you may encounter situations where the homeowner’s or the renter’s insurance policy doesn’t cover gift status. That’s when event insurances prove useful in case the gifts are either stolen or damaged.

  1. Honeymoon

Suppose you got married and organized a great honeymoon. Event insurance will cover these expenses if you must cancel your trip under some circumstances, such as illness or bad weather.

  1. Professional counseling

When you cancel or postpone an event, which causes severe emotional stress, you will have certain expenses regarding treatment. However, you can cover this medical situation if you opt for event insurance.

  1. Liability

Any event venue will usually have its liability insurance. This type of service is something sought out by many people, some of them choosing event liability coverage offered by Eventsured.

If you have organized an event at your place, your homeowners’ policy will offer limited protection. 

You can think everything through and choose liability insurance that offers you additional protection than your homeowner policy.

How to Choose the Best Policy

When discussing insurance, many concepts may confuse customers, such as general liability, liquor liability, or additional insurance. For example, suppose you are a company representative or an event planner. 

In that case, you should purchase general liability first, as it provides coverage for events such as when people slip and fall or for a faulty product used as a gift. The manufacturers can also purchase product liability insurances if their products malfunction and harm purchasers or other third parties.

Commercial liability insurance is efficient in protecting persons against many potential legal problems. However, this policy has its limits because it cannot protect officers and directors against lawsuits. Also, if you are insured, this document cannot protect you from different errors or omissions.

Think about a second investment as well and purchase personal insurance for yourself. You must be aware that you need additional protection besides the one offered by your company.

The Importance of Event Insurances

Buying event insurances will protect you as an organizer from different unpredictable situations. They are necessary to have when someone gets ill, injured, or dies, and some event insurances contain additional coverage, as we have explained above.

Choose the best policy for you by ensuring you have purchased general liability backed up by personal insurance. 


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