Ex advisor Stephanie Winston wolkoff reveals that Melania Trump uses private email while in the Whitehouse.

The latest row of allegations has hit the white house that has increased difficulties for trump. According to the allegations, many white house top officials have been found to be using private email for official work. Ideally, they should use government emails for government-related work.

Now, the latest name that has been revealed could shock you further. This time, the allegations are against none other than the current first lady of US Melania trump. She is said to be using email from her private domain by the name MelaniaTrump.com.​ She made government hiring, scheduled meetings herself and did various other works using this email.

Ex advisor Stephanie Winston wolkoff

The allegations are put up against her by Stephanie Winston wolkoff, a friend of hers. She is coming up with a tell-all book that will focus on Melania. The name of the book is Melania trump the rise and fall of friendship with the first lady.

However, this is not the first time someone from Whitehouse has been accused of these charges. Even Ivanka Trump herself and her husband have been accused of the same charges. For more such latest news and updates stay tuned with us.

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