EXCLUSIVE: a glance Inside one among the foremost Unique Car Festivals within the World… Down Under

a glance Inside one among the foremost Unique Car

As Americans hunker down for an anxious Labor Day weekend amid protests and coronavirus quarantines, the remainder of the planet has gotten back to life as was common. The Tour de France may be a week into the 21-day competition (albeit with slightly fewer manic Frenchmen sprinting up hills alongside the bedraggled riders) and Thailand just discovered its first COVID case in 100 days. But here within the States, perhaps the simplest and safest way for patriotic citizens to urge out and celebrate their freedom would be to urge behind the wheel of their favourite car and choose a social-distancing drive.

Meanwhile, deep within the heart of the Australian Outback, in perhaps the foremost remote location within everything of the island nation, gearheads are going to be flocking to a wild annual event referred to as Red CentreNATS this weekend. 

Something of a mixture between Mad Max, Sturgis, and Gymkhana, the gathering should attract somewhere around 20,000 people that will make the pilgrimage within the hopes of seeing 750 blatantly road-illegal cars blasting around the town of Alice Springs without care within the world.

And that’s one among the simplest parts about Red CentreNATS: as a government-sanctioned event, the principles of the road are essentially placed on hold and therefore the Alice Springs police instead support and truly encourage all the insane cars driving around their town—but more thereon later.

a glance Inside one among the foremost Unique Car

For now, any gearheads hesitant to urge out and celebrate Labor Day here within the US can sit back reception and luxuriate in, because the entire Red CentreNATS event is being live-streamed now with 22 hours of footage available online for the entire world to enjoy.

As in Red, as in the red-oxide sand in the Outback, in central Australia, and Nats as in nationals, Red Center Nats was the backbone of the popular Summernats (Remember that January is the Summer Under Summer) gathering in Australia in January.

Alice Springs may be a tiny town with a population of just over 25,000 located in Australia’s Northern Territory. it’s the town physically furthest from anywhere on the Australian continent, over 1,000 miles from the coastline in any direction.

Red CenterNATS is encouraged by the Government of the Northern Territories, which, six years ago in the hope of boosting tourism in the isolated desert area, approaches Summernats’ organisers with the idea.

Red CentreNATS’ communications manager Adrian Hodgson told me, “The event turns the entire town into a rolling car show. It’s a very relaxed vibe where Summernats is intense.”

The government’s involvement means all the insane cars attending RCN, which might normally never even have a glimmer of hope at being legally registered to drive on public roads, receive an officially sanctioned pass for everything of the weekend.

Somewhere around 20,000 attendees will converge around Alice Springs, nearly doubling the population for the weekend as they meander between the drag strip, drift pad, off-roading course, and more, within the hopes of enjoying the ludicrous cars with superchargers shooting up above their rooflines, methanol injection systems galore and exhaust so loud earplugs might become a necessity—all while the local cops watch intently, just hoping to stay everyone safe.

Summernats, the first event that spawned the RCN spin-off, has been an annual mainstay on the Australian automotive calendar since 1987. It takes place in Australia’s capital city, Canberra, near the coast within the southwest territory New South Wales.

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