Fact Check: Trump’s Flawed Justification for Postal Cuts

President Donald Trump is misstating the U.S. Postal Service’s financial issues as his postmaster general defends cuts that have led to delayed delivery services even before the election month of November.

Before the beginning of the Democratic National Convention, Trump railed again about the risks of mail-in voting and defended the need for an overhaul at the post office. He blamed Amazon deliveries too. Package deliveries are given priority by the post office because they increase revenue.

Trump falsely highlighted his trade deal with China as a generator of purchases of the U.S. goods that China has agreed to make.

Chinese imports of U.S. products are running at less than half of what Trump has represented. It is also not very profitable for American farmers who sell to China.

“One of the things the Post Office loses so much money on is the delivering packages for Amazon and these others. Every time they deliver a package, they probably lose three or four dollars. That’s not good,” claimed Trump on Monday.

However, while it is true that the U.S. Postal Service has been in some loss for 13 years but unlike what Trump claims, the package delivery is not the reason.

Another claim made by the President, “We want to make sure that the Post Office runs properly and it hasn’t run properly for many years, for probably 50 years. It’s run very badly. So, we want to make sure that the Post Office runs properly and doesn’t lose billions of dollars.”

Fact Check: Trump's Flawed Justification for Postal Cuts
Fact Check: Trump’s Flawed Justification for Postal Cuts

There is no evidence of broad mismanagement at the service that can be dated back to 50 years. Trump didn’t offer any evidence either.

The unrest that erupted over George Floyd death under the custody of Minneapolis police followed by protests against police brutality, Trump said, “When I sent in the National Guard, that’s when it all stopped.” 

Facts reveal that it was Governor Tim Walz’s actions that led to control of the protests. He deployed the Minnesota National Guard. Walz said he prepared the Guard at the request of city officials.

Trump, while boasting about his trade deals with China and his negotiations with Beijing said, “They are living – they’re more than living … up to it. … Because they know I’m very angry at them.” 

The basic research shows it is quite the opposite. China is not meeting the requirements of its commitments under the trade deal.

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