Family Of Man shot by Police speaks up to the Public.

The 27-year old man who was shot and killed by Police in Lancaster was off his medication and was not thinking clearly, said his family. According to the police, Ricardo Munoz ran at police with a knife on his hand before being shot on Sunday. Munoz’s mother and sister already had called for help while Munoz was on the run, they never thought that it would lead to his very own death.

Miguelina Pena, the victim’s mother said he has been battling against paranoid schizophrenia for a decade. She was outraged by the fact that the people who were supposed to help him killed him. People with mental issues are supposed to trade with some humane values and not as if they are criminals. They are supposed to help people and not kill them for being sick.

Pena also mentioned that she did not intend to create any more issues, all she needed was solutions to prevent this from happening. Violence will only make the issues worse, everyone needs to unite to figure out a way to stop this from happening again ever. Family members were disappointed when the police released footage about the situation, portraying him as a criminal without the context of his mental history.

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