In connection with a deadly shooting that occurred back in January in Arlington, a father and son duo has been charged and arrested on Friday, the 11th of September, says the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. An officer witnessed the shooting outside a shopping center on Merrill Road on the 15th of January which resulted in the death of a man who the police say was in his mid 20s. The officer also pursued a vehicle that was apparently reported stolen last year. The vehicle crashed onto the Townsend Boulevard several blocks away. Two men had been suspected to be in the vehicle and were said to have fled. 

On Friday, the Sheriff’s Office identified Hakeem Robinson, aged 21, and charged him with second degree murder. His father, Abdul Robinson, aged 49, has been charged with accessory after the fact and both of them have been arrested by the Jacksonville Sheriff.

These arrests have been made in addition to Dominique Barner, aged 26, who was charged in February with home invasion robbery. Additionally, the court records show he was later arrested in the shooting on Merrill Road and charged with second-degree murder and an attempt to elude law enforcement.

Sources have confirmed that he also has been charged with second degree murder in the January 2019 shooting where he shot a 50 year old bicyclist, who was identified as, Damon Rothermel. 

Hakeem Robinson has been identified to be a local rapper known as Ksoo. In 2019 he was part of a controversy over an album cover that featured pictures of all the people who had been killed in Jackson ville. One of the featured faces on the cover was of Zion Brown, a man who was shot and killed in a triple shooting in 2017 on Jacksonville’s West Side. Brown’s mother, Benetta McFadden, said she was absolutely outraged by the cover. She said that, “It hurts my heart to see my son on there. You’re tormenting victims of these kids. Like, I’m a victim and, every other kid on there, their parents are victims, as well.”

There were suspicions back at the time of the release of the cover about the rapper being in connection with a gang or to a crime even though police  confirmed that the rapper had no connections with any of the victims on the album cover. 

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