Federal charges faced by 22 in Portland over weekend violence 

Since May 26, Portland has been witnessing protests, and there seems to be no end to it. The protests are even continued until now. Moreover, a lot of protests were followed by criminal activities. That’s why 22 people have been arrested and pressed with federal charges for indulging in criminal activities. 

It was a usual Incident to assault law enforcement officers during protests. However, things did not stop there. Protests were followed by looting of various shops, destruction of property, and vandalism. It was the sight of social unrest at its core. 

Federal charges faced by 22 in Portland over weekend violence 
Federal charges faced by 22 in Portland over weekend violence

22 people who have been arrested are arrested on various charges. Most of the people who are arrested have been charged with doing criminal acts during the protests. However, they all do not belong to the same protests. Some of the people who have been charged include 

Rebecca Gonzales-Mota, 37; Stephen O’Donnell, 65; Thomas Johnson, 33; Nathan Oderdonk-Snow, 21; Joshua Webb, 22; Pablo Avvacato, 26; and Doug Dean, 34, Richard Lindstedt, 33, Michael Stephenson, 23; Caleb Willis; Noelle Mandolfo, 30; Travis Williams, 27; Patrick Stanford, Coree Jeffree, and Tyler Gabriel, etc. 

With these moves, the authorities want to give a clear message that no criminal activities will be tolerated in the name of protests. For more such latest news stay tuned with us. 

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