A female prison guard has been accused of allegedly involving in a sexual engaged with an inmate who was sentenced for murdering his girlfriend and their little female baby.

The sexual escapades between 32- year- old guard, Lauren Mclntyre and murderer Andrew Roberts lasted for a four month period, between August and December, 2018 at HMP Isle of Wight, according to Metro.

That single act of misconduct coming from one who should be at the position to uphold justice as well as shun every form of violation of authority, has amounted to her loss of the public’s trust.

“The drug addict, then 22, was sentenced to two life terms at Swansean Crown Court where the judge accused him of carrying out the ‘depraved and brutal destruction of your own family’ “, a statement reported. Convicted of strangling to death, his 23-year- old girlfriend, Louise L’Homme and their 8-month old daughter in their home in 2003, Roberts is serving a life term behind bars.

Mclntyre is also accused of giving Roberts another guard’s cell phone number and didn’t inform the guard of the impending attack, thereby “sanctioning” Roberts attack on another Prison guard, according to The Daily Mail.

In addition to these, she also is accused of attempting to make Roberts transfer money to her bank account. This is in line with her failure to report to anyone that she knew Robert was in custody of a cell phone. It is with the phone she communicated with him and sent him pictures of herself.

Mclntyre, who at her hearing did not speak other than to confirm her name and date of birth, was granted unconditional bail and is scheduled for hearing in October 

” The alleged offences took place while the prison guard was working at HMP Isle of Wight in Albany, Newport- less than two miles from the courtroom she appeared in last week”, The Sun said.

Om Waghmode
A freelance writer who specializes in writing articles and poems.