Finally a glimpse of Jeniffer Aniston’s Wrist Tattoo


All the fans of Jeniffer Aniston always wanted to take a closer look at her waist tattoo. They got to see that when the actress participated in a mini Friends Reunion with Lisa Kudrow earlier this week. The fans are excited after knowing the explanation and significance of her tattoo that appears to “11 11”. It was in 2018, when she was spotted with this tattoo and it was found that the significance of the tattoo is very spiritual and it is her lucky number too. It was enough to make all her fans thrilled. 

There are many explanations for the significance of her tattoo. One of them are she got it inked after the death of her pet Welsh Corgie-Terrier named Norman on her waist as she died in 2011 and her birthday was on 11th February. The name Norman is also inked on her right foot, and that shows us the love of her for her pet. 

While all this explanation goes on their way there is another one too related to her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Perhaps, Aniston is a big fan of Brad Pitt’s movie “Ocean’s eleven” that was released in 2001. 

Maybe, the actress knows the real answer clearly; we can only have a guess.


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