Fireworks Sales Booming: Pennsylvania

The sales of fireworks have boomed and boomed so high that the effects of coronavirus economic crises are no longer visible on the fireworks shop owners.

The Pennsylvania city saw a major spike in illegal pyrotechnic activity.

Manager of Phantom Fireworks in Easton Matthew Metzgar said that “We have definitely maybe doubled tripled our sales this year.”

The sales reached so high that the shop crossed its typical yearly number of sales in just those few days.

As the shop was shut down from 18th March to 5th June due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, it saw huge losses in its sale and economic state, but now it has managed all its losses at one go.

Bingo to the company. Metzgar added “We have had lines outside; people have waited over an hour to come inside. People are still coming in and I would say 98 or 99% of the people coming in understand the mask and social distancing.

Fireworks Sales Booming: Pennsylvania
Fireworks Sales Booming: Pennsylvania

They don’t mind the wait; they just want to buy fireworks.” You can easily guess through this the enthusiasm of the people to buy their favorite firework; they waited in long queues just for that. 

While everyone is buying a number of crackers for their own needs and entertainment, the mayor of the city doesn’t look at it as a pleasant thing.

On Tuesday, Mayor de Blasio announced that a special task force is all set to do “undercover buys” and they would be conducting “sting operations” this all will be done to catch those vendors who are selling fireworks illegally both in the city and another state.

This is the result of the huge number of illegal fireworks calls and complaints received by the city’s 911 center, the number of the complaints were 13,315 and more than 12,500 calls were alone made in this month, creating a situation of serious action to be taken on all the illegal vendors. 

To this Metzger said “Unfortunately we can’t keep track of where people are coming from because Pennsylvania is fully legal so when they come from Jersey or wherever they can still buy anything in the store.

With the law, we can’t question it. When they buy it they can shoot it off in Pennsylvania and it’s perfectly legal.” 

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