Five Popular Sister Rivalries in History

Sisters have been known to share a deep bond with one another but sometimes things can go strange and nasty between the two. Here’s more to deeper sister rivalries.

  • Anne and Mary Boleyn

Both the sisters with Mary being the eldest had affairs with King Henry VIII. However, only one ended up marrying him and it was not Mary as she had already tied the knot to one of the king’s friends in 1521. Thus, Anne was the lucky one to marry Henry but as he found her incapable of delivering a living male heir, he had Anne imprisoned and beheaded in 1536.

  • Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth

Henry’s previous wife borne a daughter named Mary and Anne also gave a daughter to Henry named Elizabeth. Even though Elizabeth was more popular than Mary, Mary eventually went ahead to become the Queen in 1553.

However, her insecurities were still inside, letting her imprison and banish Elizabeth. But Elizabeth ascended the throne and became one of the most popular queens in the history of Britain as Mary died childless in 1558.

  • Venus and Serena Williams

Five Popular Sister Rivalries in History
Five Popular Sister Rivalries in History

The sisters are professional tennis players since 1998 wherein Serena undoubtedly leads Venus in terms of wins and also has been ranked as the number one female tennis player in the world. However, there are no hard feelings from Venus’s side as both of them leave their rivalry on the grass during their professional playtime.

  • Lee Radziwell and Jackie Kennedy

The two sisters who are the daughters of Janet and Jack Bouvier are highly competitive with each other when it comes to choosing the wealthiest men. Lee eventually ended up marrying a Polish prince and became a princess. However, she wasn’t the winner of the competition as Jackie made a move in 1953 by marrying John F. Kennedy in the union that created ‘Camelot’.

  • Catherine and Pippa Middleton

Though the Middleton sisters were loving they were highly competitive. Catherine marrying Prince William made it clear that she would be the winner in this competition until Pippa made her move.

Undoubtedly, the new Duchess of Cambridge was looking ethereal and lovely on the day of the wedding but Pippa caught more attention of the crowd and media for her gorgeous figure in her white, fitted bridesmaid’s dress.

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