Florida, Arizona, and Texas reported big jumps in new Covid-19 cases

Florida, Arizona, and Texas along with a dozen other states have recently reported big jumps in Covid-19 cases as the country is now looking forward to reopening after months of quarantine. Will another shut down be initiated? Are the governors supportive of this?

On Tuesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said that there aren’t any plans of shutting down and they are likely to go forward as you have to have society function. In addition to that, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that there’s of consideration on closing the state down. 

He further added that they were now prepared to deal with the virus as compared to March and April when the outbreak has just begun. But if this is the case then what about the nearly 85% increase in Covid-19 hospitalizations since Memorial Day, which has made numbers jump from 1,511 to 2,793.  

Florida, Arizona, and Texas reported big jumps in new Covid-19 cases
Florida, Arizona, and Texas reported big jumps in new Covid-19 cases

On Tuesday itself, the Sunshine State recorded 2,783 new Covid-19 positive cases, while on Wednesday, there was 2,610 number of new cases recorded. Due to this sudden rise in the number of positive cases, the death toll has also risen from 2,993 to 3,018.

Abbott gave an explanation on these high numbers saying that it could be Memorial Day celebrations or bar settings. Moreover, the Texas state health department also reported 2,622 new cases, which is a big jump in new cases. 

The tension around didn’t end here as additional 1,476 state prison inmates have also been diagnosed with the virus. State health officials in Arizona reported 1,827 new Covid-19 cases and witnessed 20 additional deaths on the following Wednesday. 2,392 coronavirus positive cases were reported on Tuesday.

With the numbers reaching higher heights, 700 medical providers took to sending a signed letter to Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday. The letter explained the current state of the hospitals in the state, that is in danger of being overwhelmed. Thus, medical providers are pleading with the governor to mandate the use of masks in public.

Their letter stated that nothing has changed regarding the Covid-19 since the Stay at Home Executive Order and now as the order is lifted, health risk has drastically increased. 

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