Florida continues to smash coronavirus records. 

Things are worsening in Florida even more than one could imagine. That state that was reporting very few cases even up to 2 weeks ago is now reporting one of the highest cases in the USA. It was one of the US states to reopen as early as May. However, that is the reason experts attribute to the recent outbreak. 

On this Thursday, Florida reported a total of 8,942 cases. That’s a huge number, and it is more than the total coronavirus cases reported by some countries in the world combined. It’s much higher than the previous high of 5,502 positive people. However, there was a significant increase in the testing too. 

Florida continues to smash coronavirus records. 
Florida continues to smash coronavirus records.

Florida is now trying to take measures to control the recent spread of the virus. Governor DeSantis has largely maintained that the major parts of this result can be attributed to increased testing. On Thursday alone 13,000 more people were tested than the previous highest figure. 

The government is trying to bring new ideas in order to combat the virus. One such precaution has already been taken. Bars now will only be available for taking away orders. It is something similar to Texas.

DeSantis is also saying that the positivity rate is increasing and it is a cause of great concern. Let’s see what steps are taken by the government. So, in order to stay updated, stay tuned with us. 

Vinayaka Dalmia
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