Florida: Tropical Storm Isaias Forecasted to Become A Hurricane

With the Caribbean drenched with rain and wind, Tropical Storm Isaias is forecasted to transform into a hurricane.

On Friday, the National Hurricane Center announced the information.

For some parts of the east coast of Florida, a storm watch has been installed but the storm is expected to make its way towards most of Florida.

“Isaias is forecast to be near the central Bahamas Friday night and move near or over the Northwest Bahamas and near South Florida on Saturday,” the hurricane center said. 

The hurricane center warned about the repercussions of winds, heavy rainfall, and storm. Talking about the movement of Isaias, the center said that this weekend it will move along the Florida east coast and scatter northward “along with the remainder of the U.S. east coast through early next week.” 

Isaias originated from a tropical wave off the coast of Africa that was first tracked by the National Hurricane Center on July 23, 2020. 

Florida: Tropical Storm Isaias Forecasted to Become A Hurricane
Florida: Tropical Storm Isaias Forecasted to Become A Hurricane

It is a large cyclone with tropical-storm-force winds stretching up to 240 miles from its center.

The National Weather Service reports that Florida might start experiencing the storm-force winds from Friday night, but more probability is of Saturday morning.

Governor Ron DeSantis appealed the residents to prepare for the storm as a precaution by storing at least seven days’ worth of supplies.

In Puerto Rico this Thursday, rains caused by Isaias led to power outages, minor landslides, and widespread flooding.

According to the Electric Power Authority, approximately 400,000 Puerto Ricans had their power knocked out.

Isaias is the earliest ninth Atlantic named storm to form in an Atlantic hurricane season, according to Colorado State University hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach.

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