Florida woman charged with misuse of 911 for demanding a ‘taxpayer-sponsored ride’

A woman from central Florida was arrested on early Wednesday for calling 911 four times and demanding a meaningless and inappropriate ‘taxpayer sponsored taxi ride’.

Winter Haven police confirmed this statement as they later hauled her off to jail shortly after 3 a.m.

According to the Winter Haven police department’s Facebook page, the woman named Sarah Alameh first called the emergency services at around 2:45 a.m.

She just said ‘Hello’ and hung up due to which the cops hurriedly headed to a hospital parking lot, which apparently was the place from where the call originated.

Florida woman charged with misuse of 911 for demanding a ‘taxpayer-sponsored ride’
Florida woman charged with misuse of 911 for demanding a ‘taxpayer-sponsored ride’

However, on reaching the place of call, they found no one in need of help there. After 15 minutes of the first call, a second call was placed by the woman who didn’t exchange any information this time.

However, this time the caller had been located who later confirmed that she took to dialing 911 because she wanted a ride to another city.

Following which the 31-year-old caller was told by the police that 911 wasn’t the right number to serve such services and also that hanging out in the hospital parking lot wasn’t permitted unless she needed some medical attention.

However, the woman didn’t stop there as she placed a call for the third time to complain that the officer didn’t provide her with the services she asked him to.

The police gave the woman one last warning to not call 911 as it wasn’t the right number for non-emergency service. Alameh again dialed 911 straight for the fourth time. 

Fortunately, this time she was given her taxpayer sponsored ride which she wanted by the officers. This was confirmed by the Winter Haven police department’s Facebook page. Yes, 911 is still an emergency number. The protocols haven’t changed yet.

The difference is that she was given a ride not to another city but to the Polk County jail where she was charged with misuse of 911.

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