Former Atlanta Police Officer Charged with Murder for killing Rayshard Brooks

A Former Atlanta police Officer Garret Rolfe was charged with murder for brutally killing Rayshard Brook, a black motorist last week outside a fast-food restaurant. Garret is facing 11 charges in connection with the death of Brook.  The shooting of the black man was captured in the camera and the video was widely circulated after which the former Atlanta police officer had to give his resignation.

There is already turmoil going on in the nation over racism and police brutality after the death of Gorge Floyd on May 25th in police custody. After his death a nationwide protest took place. The prosecutors while announcing the charges at a news conference on Wednesday said that Mr. Rolfe declared “I got him” after shooting Mr. Brooks. Mr. Rolfe was also charged with aggravated assault as he kicked the victim while his partner stood on Mr. Brooks’ shoulder.

Former Atlanta Police Officer Charged with Murder for killing Rayshard Brooks
Former Atlanta Police Officer Charged with Murder for killing Rayshard Brooks

The Fulton County district attorney Paul L. Howard Jr. said that “Mr. Rolfe and Devin Brosnan his partner in the crime both the white men failed to render aid for more than two minutes”. Mr. Howard added “Mr. Brooks never presented himself as a threat. His demeanor during the incident was almost jovial”. Howard said that “Mr. Brooks was killed on Friday night. The police officers were called to a Wendy’s restaurant where Mr. Brooks was sleeping inside his car in the drive-through line. Mr. Brooks failed the sobriety test and tension arose between both the parties.”

 Mr. Howard further added “For 41 minutes and 17 seconds, he followed the instructions and also answered the questions. Mr. Brooks was not informed that he would be arrested for driving under the influence which is a violation of the Police Department Policy.”

The International Brotherhood of Police Officers and the union representing the Atlanta Officers raised their objections by calling the charges against both the officers as political stunt citing the reason that Mr. Howard wants to be in the re-election race. They also called the charges as premature and said that “prosecutors should have waited until the Georgia Bureau Of Investigation announces its findings. The G.B.I said that it was not consulted by the prosecutors before bringing out the charges.”


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