Fredericksburg police searching car, phone for clues in fatal shooting



  • Fredericksburg Police are about to get a lead in a fatal shooting case that happened last week.
  • The police are investing in a car and two cell phones to get information about the suspect.
  • A teen named Connall Mullins, 18 killed in that shooting followed by another teen who suffered a non-life-threatening lesion in the same incident.

Inside Story:

Fredericksburg city witnessed a fatal shooting incident that transpired last week. Connall Mullins, 18, got killed in that shooting and another teen survived but suffered serious injuries.

To get some information about the suspect and to find the motive of the shooting, Fredericksburg Police investigators are scrutinizing a car and two cell phones. Many affidavits for search warrants are filed in Fredericksburg circuit court, according to one of them, the victim who survived from the shoot told the police that he and her friend Mullins were sitting on a 2009 Kia Rio when the shooter belted up and ordered them to show the pockets. The victim further added that to make the attempt a failure, he punched the shooter on his face. 

Seeing the victims running, the man opened fire and drove away, as the affidavit states.


According to court records the tags found on Rio didn’t match with those on the vehicle and the VIN i.e. the vehicle identification number stipulated that the car had been sold.

According to the information received by the police, the shooter was only narrated as a man wearing a mask and driving a dark-colored sedan. On reaching Rio, the officers found two victims badly wounded by gunshots but no suspect.

In the next stage of the investigation, DNA and fibers were among the essential items that are recovered from the vehicle. The state Detectives still have hope that they will found some crucial information that will help them allocating the suspect and in finding the motive behind the shooting crime from the victim’s phone.

The suspect has not caught yet but the police are putting much effort to catch him.


The Fredericksburg Police has provided a helpline number, anyone with information can call on 540/373-3122. Incognito tips can be made by sending textual messages to “847-411” followed by texting “FDPtip”.

Stay safe and stunned with us to catch more updates on this and help the police to catch the culprit.


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