Getting a Good Night Sleep with Bambi Quilts

Bambi Quilts

Sleep is considered one of the essential functions of our body. Having enough sleep allows our body and mind to rest and recuperate, enabling us to perform our daily activities better and ward off any illnesses. It is a vital activity in keeping our immune system strong and heart and blood vessels healthy. Sleep also promotes improved memory retention, increased alertness, and enhanced learning capabilities. It can be inferred that adequate sleep is as important as eating healthy and doing regular exercise.

According to Health Direct Australia, the majority of adults need eight hours of sleep per night. Owing to busy schedules and unhealthy lifestyles, 4 in 10 Australian adults experience sleep deprivation. The negative impacts of social media and digital technologies, particularly with young adults, further aggravates this concern.

One of the more common ways to get enough sleep is using proper bedroom furnishings. From well-designed mattresses in stores to traditional bambi quilts online, the market for bedroom furniture is thriving at a steady pace.

A Closer Look at the Elements of a Perfect Bedroom

Designing an ideal bedroom is considered an art. When designing home interiors, considerable investments are often allocated in bedrooms. The following details discuss the elements of a perfect bedroom:

  • Good Mattress: A well-designed mattress not only focuses on aesthetics but more so on form and functionality. The ergonomics of a superior mattress allow for good spinal alignment, pain and snore prevention, allergy control, and stress management.
  • Soft furnishings: Bed furnishings are as important as having a good mattress. Choosing the right pillows to provide essential support on your neck and head, thereby preventing body pains. In addition to pillows, one should also invest in comfortable beddings, quilts, duvets, comforters, and blankets.
  • Light fixtures: It is highly recommended to switch overhead light sources in dimmer settings. Low levels of light in bedrooms encourage our brains to produce more melatonin, regulating the sleep-wake cycle.
  • Ventilation: Having proper ventilation in the bedroom helps in the production of sleep hormones. According to sleep doctors, maintaining a cool room temperature in the bedroom is crucial in getting quality and uninterrupted sleep at night.
  • Organization: Bedroom furniture is useless if they are not organized efficiently. Aside from avoiding clutter, furniture should also follow ease of movement. A tidy bedroom allows for better relaxation and helps in faster sleep.

Just as important as having these elements, a perfect bedroom should also shy away from television sets and mobile phones, as the blue light emitted from these electronics suppresses the production of melatonin.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Quilts

Quilts are an essential part of bedroom furnishings. Investing in high-quality quilt products is important in getting enough sleep. The following are things to consider in choosing the right quilt for you:

  • Loft type: Lofting, also referred to as thickness, varies is measured using grams per square metre (GSM). Thicker variants of quilts are best for cold seasons, while thinner kinds are more suitable during hot summer months.
  • Materials: Different materials are used in making quilts, such as wool, cotton, alpaca, feather, bamboo, and tencel.
  • Market: While most purchases are made in bedroom furniture stores, a growing number of consumers resort to online transactions. One can easily purchase Downia, Kelly and Windsor, and bambi quilts online.


A good night’s sleep is essential for our bodies to function properly. There are several ways to have adequate sleep, including investments in quilts and other bedding products.


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