Girl shot in the neck and killed by the man who was playing with his gun.

Gun crimes Incident has been raging high in America. There are some cases reported each day from almost each State. This time, the incident has been reported from Florida where a 19 year old girl has been killed by a 24 year old boy, according to whom, the gun accidentally fired. 

The boy said that he frequently played with his gun. He used to point the gun towards his friends. He even used to load the gun but nothing used to happen. He also did the same this time. He did the same this time by pointing the gun towards the girl. 

But, this time the gun fired. He said even he didn’t know how the gun fired. The girl was injured badly by the bullet. She was taken to a nearby hospital. She took her last breath there. The boy has been detained by the police. He has been accused of multiple charges. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to support the family of the girl. The description entails out the details of the girl. It reads as follows. 

“Tori, described as a ‘goofball’ by friends, had a zest for life and lit up a room the minute she walked in. She was a well-rounded energetic young woman who was just as comfortable in jeans and a T-Shirt as she was all dolled up in one of her many prom dresses,” a GoFundMe page read. For more such latest news stay tuned with us. 

Vinayaka Dalmia
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