“Government itself cannot solve this problem”: Florida Officials

On Monday, Florida officials exhibited some apprehension about the measures being used to curb the ongoing pandemic. The state’s leaders discussed the methods not being enough to stop a rejuvenation of positive COVID-19 cases across the state.

Republican politicians and Florida’s leaders responsible for restraining the virus’s spread requested people to stay alert about social distancing.

“If we don’t step up and take responsibility, the government itself can’t solve this problem,” said Jared Moskowitz, the state Division of Emergency Management director.

Florida on Monday had recorded 100,000 positive cases for Covid-19 since the pandemic originated.

"Government itself cannot solve this problem": Florida Officials
“Government itself cannot solve this problem”: Florida Officials

Governor Ron Desantis validated a spike in cases, not because of increment in testing abilities but because of cases rising.

Carol Dover, president of Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association said, “We think it’s time to come down on them, “We don’t have any sort of police powers or anything, and it’s not our intention of making things harder, but we’ve got to start following the rules.”

A tourism industry associated trade group urged officials to take action against those who fail to follow the necessary restrictions and guidelines.

Florida initiated its reopening during the month of May. The average of affirmed test results has doubled. 

The state has reported its largest day spike in cases, 4,671 confirmed on Saturday.

The governor appears to have taken a lenient approach in terms of restraining the pandemic, mostly holding people accountable for making decisions that should be done by the state.

Senator Rick Scott reminded citizens that the virus is still just as lethal, further urging to be alert about the unfortunate reality of our time, calling wearing masks and social distancing “pretty basic.”

“First off, I mean, we clearly haven’t beat it so I think everybody is concerned when they read about the cases, the number of cases up, we’re not out of the woods — we’ve got a lot of work to do.

We’ve got to — every one of us — to take this seriously, wear your mask, social distance. Don’t go to places you don’t have to go to,” Scott told CNBC on Monday morning.

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