Governor Cuomo blames several for nursing home related deaths which were his own fault.

It feels like several months have passed since the pandemic initiated and yet Gov. Cuomo desperately seeks new scapegoats to put the blame on for the nursing home deaths. Though his list of blames is completely profane.

He initiated blaming God, but shortly he aimed it towards The Post and U.S. President Trump.

Perhaps his latest accusations are even more ridiculous. He blamed the family members as well as the nursing home professionals accusing them of infecting and ultimately killing 1,200 elder citizens. It’s no less than a shame to blame the poor victims.

Dr. Howard Zucker, state Health Commissioner reported these claims in a recent release. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Zucker is the one, who with the assistance of hospitals wrote the order, which forced the nursing homes to admit people infected with COVID-19 on March 25.

This resulted in the transfer of 6,326 infected patients from hospitals to nursing homes.

Governor Cuomo blames several for nursing home related deaths which were his own fault.
Governor Cuomo blames several for nursing home related deaths which were his own fault.

Those nursing homes were neither assisted nor guided on how to receive the infected patients. They were neither investigated if they even have a separate facility to keep the COVID patients distanced from the non-infected patients or staff making them more vulnerable to catch the infection.

Several staff of those nursing homes didn’t even have the proper personal protective gear that made much staff test positive for the disease as well. Later on, when they started receiving some equipment from the state, the body bag was also received.

On Tuesday Gov. Cuomo said that “it is that the staff got infected, they came to work, and they brought in the infection.” To avoid any criticism he made such accusations.

Many families expressed their grievance and said that due to the uprising pandemic, they were not being able to contact anyone in the facility. The only information they receive is from the nurses or some administrative officials informing the demise of their relative. Then the family needs to go through another struggle of arranging funerals and getting proper death certificates, which intensifies their agony even more.

Their grief stories are heart-wrecking, though Gov. Cuomo never even bothered to listen to them. Neither did he gave any response to the calls or letters the grief-stricken family used to send him or held any virtual meetings for them.

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