Greek farmer accused of killing American scientist confesses that he was possessed by demons

A Greek farmer, who had been earlier accused of murder and rape of a renowned American scientist, 59-year-old molecular biologist Suzanne Eaton, told a police officer that he committed the crime because demons had taken over his body and had possessed him to do so. 

After leaving the Orthodox Academy of Crete before 6:00 p.m. for a run, Suzanne Eaton disappeared on July 2, 2019. After the news of her disappearance, a large search warrant was carried out in the rural areas near Chania. Members of the scientist’s family also assisted the Fire Service rescuers from Athens to locate Eaton.

They flew to the island in order to help coordinate efforts. Eaton was eventually found dead inside a World War II bunker, after six days of search. It was then believed that the victim had died after a prolonged struggle and was then dropped inside a ventilation hole by the suspect which led her body down into the cave. 

The location where her body was found is described to be a narrow opening that would only be known by those who would be familiar with the area. A 28-year-old male suspect is on trial for allegedly raping and killing Eaton, according to the ABC 13 reports. The male suspect is the son of a priest and is a married father of two children, identified as Yiannis Paraskakis. 

According to a police officer who questioned the suspect shortly after the murder, Paraskakis had confessed within a few hours and said that he was possessed by demons. The victim was well-known in her field and was a world-class biologist, who would certainly be irreplaceable in these times with the coronavirus around, as reported by lawyer Vasso Pantanzi.

According to investigators, Paraskakis got out of his car while Eaton was jogging and stabbed and hit her. He then beat, raped, and killed her by taking her in his car trunk and driving to the bunker. Investigators further reported that the DNA found under Eaton’s fingernails matched perfectly with that of the suspect.

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