Haircuts and Outdoor dining from Monday: Governor Cuomo on entering Phase II

NYC is all set to enter Phase II of opening non-essential businesses in the region.
An announcement made by Governor Andrew Mark Cuomo on Thursday mentioned the same. 

Mayor de Blasio spoke about the date for when the city will initiate the Phase II reopening process.  “it’s a day-to-day discussion, we want to come to a decision with the state as quickly as possible” De Blasio told everyone. “Get on your mark, get set, cuz here we go.”

Governor said NYC has made progress and now is ready to take steps towards getting back to the normal.The reopening process applies mainly to non-essential businesses, Real Estate, Offices, Hair Salons and Barbershops, Outdoor and Take-Out/Delivery Food Services to name a few.

All hair salons and barbershops are obliged to stay up-to-date and incorporate any changes related to personal care services by the state.
The guidelines mentioned range from maintaining a 6 ft. distance except when providing services to avoidance of waiting rooms.

Haircuts and Outdoor dining from Monday: Governor Cuomo on entering Phase II
Haircuts and Outdoor dining from Monday: Governor Cuomo on entering Phase II

As for outdoor dinings, detailed guidelines mention “Mandatory” as well as “Recommended Best Practices” which includes limiting the number of seats to accommodate the 6ft. distancing rule.
The customers are expected to wear masks until seated. Employees who are sick must stay at home or return home if they become ill during work hours. Small rooms are to be occupied by one person at a time.

For take-out/delivery:
• Provide hand hygiene stations for customers waiting for food and/or drinks.
• Ensure staff wash hands with soap/water or use hand sanitizer; if staff use gloves, regularly replace them.
• If pick-up/delivery is indoors, ensure windows/doors are opened to allow for ventilation.

The data presented by the NYC government shows a decline in new hospital admissions, on Monday, 55 patients were admitted.

Significant progress has been made by the city and nearly 30,000 tests are conducted each day. With the number of cases dramatically dipping at the hotspot that is New York, the city seems to be prepared for Phase II following the steps of fellow Long Island and Mid-Hudson who are ready for Phase III, by next week.

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