Hawkeye Series Would Already Have A Provisional Title

Since Disney announced its new streaming platform, Marvel, it has not stopped surprising us with series that will make the MCU a practically infinite universe. ‘ WandaVision ‘, ‘ Falcon and the Winter Soldier ‘, ‘ Loki ‘, and ‘ Hawkeye ‘ are the first to debut on Disney +.

The first two will do so before the end of 2020, with ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ ​​being the first of all with a premiere scheduled for this August. Then the Scarlet Witch and Vision series will arrive in December and Loki will land, presumably, in the first quarter of 2021.

In the case of Jeremy Renner’s character, It seems that, after some other delay and hiatus, it will end up arriving in the fall of 2021.

Hawkeye Series Would Already Have A Provisional Title
Hawkeye Series Would Already Have A Provisional Title

However, despite having a date that seems so far away, the team has already gotten to work with production. And it is that the filming was scheduled for this September, which seems that it is possible that it will be fulfilled (if everything goes well).

Before this return to work, willingly or unwillingly and as so often happens, the provisional title of the series has already leaked.

As Murphy’s Multiverse collects the series will operate under the name of ‘ Anchor Point’.What does this mean? The title is a reference to what is called that point of the face where the archer must support his bow to have the most accurate shot.

But it is also the name of the first volume of the Hawkeye comic series written by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero.and to which we will look to start talking about possible clues and spoilers.

What do we see in these comics? It was already known that Kate Bishop will debut in the MCU in the series Hawke’s Eye and precisely this graphic novel follows the career of the young woman recently moved to Los Angeles, where she establishes herself in a detective agency.

We already knew that the Young Avenger arrived at Marvel, but perhaps we had not given her the role we believed. What if the series focuses more on her than on Jeremy Renner’s character? We will have to wait for the start of filming to know more.