Health officials say that more than 75% of ICU beds in Florida are occupied.

Although most of America has reopened, that doesn’t mean that the Pandemic has come to an end. Although there is a decline in daily new cases, it’s still lingering out there. It won’t take time for the virus to take a more dangerous form than what it initially had. The ones who form the virus the most are the seniors. While young people get recovered without any specific treatment, older people may even require treatment in ICU to defeat the virus.

Many lose their lives in the process. Now, keeping those things in mind, a shocking revelation has been made by data released by the Florida State health agency regarding the availability of ICU beds in the state. The data was released on Wednesday. The data reveals that more than 75% of the adult ICU beds in the state are occupied. That means almost 3 beds are occupied every 4 beds leaving only 1 bed per 4 beds unoccupied.

Health officials say that more than 75% of ICU beds in Florida are occupied.
Health officials say that more than 75% of ICU beds in Florida are occupied.

That’s a dangerous situation as if there’s a sudden rise in the extreme cases that require treatment in the ICU will have no beds available to get admitted. Florida has a total of 6006 ICU beds out of which only 1409 beds are available as per the data. Now, the count varies across the countries. While some counties have larger proportions available.

Some counties have fewer than 9% beds available. You can go through the data to understand the full situation. This is an alarming situation and the Florida government needs to look into the issue. If all the beds become occupied, where will the rest of the new patients go? This is a serious issue and demands the immediate attention from the officials. For more such latest news, stay tuned with us.

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