Here Is The List Of Space Movies Like Interstellar Which You Might Love To Watch

Here Is The List Of Space Movies Like Interstellar Which You Might Love To Watch
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In the sometimes niche and controversial genre of science-fiction space opera, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar was a big success, offering a rewarding and emotional adventure from a plot that examines hugely complicated scientific concepts.

It’s no surprise that interest in Christopher Nolan’s hugely popular space opera keeps rising and growing, given that it’s one of the most highly regarded sci-fi movies of all time by film enthusiasts. This list will have to grow in size as the fandom grows. Check out any of these close movies to Interstellar if you’re hunting for any of Nolan’s biggest influences and contemporaries.

Interstellar – Cast

·         Matthew McCaughey as Joseph Cooper (in the film, referred to only as “Cooper” or “Coop”), a widowed NASA pilot who became a farmer after the agency was shut down by the government.

·         Anne Hathaway as Dr. Amelia Brand, a NASA scientist and astronaut

·         Jessica Chastain as Murphy Cooper, Joseph’s younger daughter, who eventually becomes a Plan A scientist at NASA

·         Mackenzie Foy as young Murphy

·         Ellen Burstyn as old Murphy

·         John Lithgow as Donald, Cooper’s elderly father-in-law

·         Michael Caine as Professor Brand, a high-ranking NASA scientist, ideator of Plan A, former mentor of Cooper and father of Amelia

·         David Gyasi as Romilly, another high-ranking NASA member and Endurance crew member

·         Wes Bentley as Doyle, a high-ranking NASA member and Endurance crew member

·         Casey Affleck as Tom Cooper, Joseph’s eldest son, who eventually grows up to become a father

·         Timothée Chalamet as young Tom

·         Matt Damon as Mann, a NASA astronaut sent to an icy planet during the Lazarus program

·         Bill Irwin as TARS (voice and puppetry) and CASE (puppetry)

·         Josh Stewart as CASE (voice)

·         Topher Grace as Getty, Murph’s colleague and love interest

·         Leah Cairns as Lois, Tom’s wife

·         David Oyelowo as School Principal

·         Collette Wolfe as Ms. Hanley

·         William Devane as Williams, another NASA member

·         Elyes Gabel as Administrator

Here Is The List Of Space Movies Like Interstellar Which You Might Love To Watch
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Which Are The Space Movies Like Interstellar?

Many fans have been asking whether there will be a sequel to the film since its release, but in the meantime, there are a number of fantastic contemporary films of similar high expectations, as well as a number of classics that influenced the storyline and overall feel of the film, that can be enjoyed right now. Here are some of the best space movies which are like one of the popular space movies, Interstellar.

  • ·         2001:  A Space Odyssey (Released In 1968)
  • ·         Solaris (Released In 2002)
  • ·         Ad Astra (Released In 2009)
  • ·         First Man (Released In 2018)
  • ·         Gravity (Released In 2013)
  • ·         The Right Stuff (Released In 1983)
  • ·         Apollo 13 (Released In 1995)
  • ·         Sunshine (Released In 2007)
  • ·         The Black Hole (Released In 1979)
  • ·         Mission To Mars (Released In 2000)
  • ·         The Martian (Released In 2015)
  • ·         Deep Impact (Released In 1998)
  • ·         Moon (Released In 2009)
  • ·         2010: The Year We Make Contact (Released In 1984)
  • ·         Contact (Released In 1997)

·         2001:  A Space Odyssey (Released In 1968)

Though it’s possible that Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey has a significant impact on almost every science-fiction film that followed it, it’s more appropriate to associate it with Interstellar.

Both films explore similar scientific themes, but Interstellar visual parallels are obvious in the film, and 2001’s operatic sound can be felt throughout the story’s bones.

·         Solaris (Released In 2002)

Steven Soderbergh’s adaptation of Stanisaw Lem’s novel is somewhat different from Andrei Tarkovsky’s perhaps more well-known version, but it’s also full of engrossing drama and big metaphysical questions.

Things are more mysterious than in a straight man-on-a-mission film like Interstellar, but this contributes to Solaris’ eerie visual beauty.

·         Ad Astra (Released In 2009)

Here Is The List Of Space Movies Like Interstellar Which You Might Love To Watch
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James Gray’s sci-fi thriller is one of the few recent science-fiction films that is even more violent than Christopher Nolan’s imminent apocalypse. It is somewhat similar to Interstellar in terms of a straightforward and predictable storyline.

Brad Pitt plays the emotionally distant son of a successful lost astronaut who falls in his father’s footsteps and gets involved in a mystery quest to find out what happened to him.

·         First Man (Released In 2018)

Emotional isolation was a common trend in high-end space films during Interstellar’s time span, with Damien Chazielle’s biographical drama about Neil Armstrong’s historic voyage to the moon focusing even more on the famous astronaut’s mental condition during the trip.

First Man is raised beyond being a mere reenactment to being a powerful and striking drama that expressed a dedication to realistic effects and strategies with Interstellar that made both films sound more real by filtering the events of the Apollo 11 mission into Armstrong’s coping–or lack thereof–with the traumatic loss of his young daughter.

·         Gravity (Released In 2013)

Alfonso Cuarón’s space survival film is the fastest-moving entry on this list, but it never forgets to add emotional weight to its tense action scenes, following the theme of grief and emotional detachment out in the icy depths of space.

Sandra Bullock’s trapped astronaut faces a whirlwind of debris floating through Earth’s atmosphere, and the film’s surprisingly simplistic structure makes for just as many awe-inspiring audiovisual feats as a film like Interstellar.

·         The Right Stuff (Released In 1983)

On a much more upbeat note, The Right Stuff, an adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s book of the same name, takes a more realistic, though no less strikingly well-made, interpretation of biographical aeronautical history.

The Right Stuff is as important to space movie history as 2001. A significant portion of Matthew McConaughey’s ace pilot character, Joseph “Coop” Cooper, is strongly inspired by Sam Shepard’s portrayal of Charles “Chuck” Yeager, and The Right Stuff is as crucial to space movie history as 2001.

·         Apollo 13 (Released In 1995)

Despite being constrained by the realities of spaceflight in the early 1970s, Apollo 13 is almost as dramatic and grandiose as a film like Interstellar.

Ron Howard’s tense thriller, which chronicles NASA’s seventh Lunar mission’s even-more-dangerous-than-usual ride, is, like The Right Stuff, a rich and engaging image of a moment in time made up of so many tiny and believable details that it looks as big as Star Wars.

·         Sunshine (Released In 2007)

Interstellar’s more outlandish scientific ideas are far more in line with Danny Boyle’s sci-fi thriller, which is much more fantastical and in the tradition of Jules Verne than the previous few entries on this page.

Sunshine tracks a group of explorers who are on their way to drop a bomb into the Earth’s dying sun in a last-ditch attempt, but the gravity of their mission starts to impact them in unexpected ways, posing apocalyptic threats.

·         The Black Hole (Released In 1979)

Here Is The List Of Space Movies Like Interstellar Which You Might Love To Watch
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This tale of a stranded spacecraft discovered on the outskirts of the titular area in spacetime is one of Disney’s earliest–and now most influential–cult classics. A mad man and his unholy humanoid inventions are among the inhabitants.

The Black Hole will stand up to all of Interstellar’s strangest, deepest, and most terrifying experiences, with the unforgettable demonic robot “Maximillian” actually out-psycho-ing Anthony Perkins, the real-life psycho from the film Psycho.

However, it shares Interstellar’s ability to see science’s mysteries from a theoretical–sometimes even theological–perspective, and the thread of adventure that runs through it is reminiscent of Star Wars and Jules Verne.

·         Mission To Mars (Released In 2000)

Speaking of oddly striking and frightening Disney sci-fi films, this adaptation of the same-named Disneyland attraction was directed by none other than master director Brian De Palma, who is known for his dark and brutal thrillers, and takes a very different approach to the plot of the next film on our list.

Following a bold rescue mission to Mars, the film explores topics such as unfulfillment and first contact with alien life that are similar to those explored in Interstellar.

Though its tonal inconsistency makes for a bumpy ride at times, and its portrayal of humanity’s first encounter with extraterrestrials attracted more scrutiny than even Interstellar’s, Mission to Mars’ visual effects not only stand up yet are also spectacular today.

·         The Martian (Released In 2015)

Ridley Scott directs this version of Andy Weir’s best-selling novel of the same name, and despite using designs that are strikingly similar to those used in his even more morbid and gruesome later-day Alien films, the filmmaker creates one of the most upbeat sci-fi survival films ever created. Maybe perhaps the most.

The story follows Matt Damon’s stranded botanist who is mistakenly marooned on Mars and believed dead, and the character’s contagious hope in the face of possible death is always inspiring.

·         Deep Impact (Released In 1998)

Mimi Leder’s giant asteroid movie is by far the most genuinely dramatic and shares a host of other distinct characteristics with Interstellar, despite being almost entirely overshadowed at the moment by Michael Bay’s behemoth apocalypse movie Armageddon, which has ostensibly the very same storyline which was released just under two months later.

Themes of parental abandonment and hopelessness in the face of human destruction elevate the more melodramatic aspects common in blockbuster movies at the moment, making it a uniquely empowering sci-fi experience.

·         Moon (Released In 2009)

Duncan Jones’ film debut became an instant cult classic thanks to some smartly simple designs and a spectacular lead performance from the always-compelling Sam Rockwell.

A much more isolated and claustrophobic slice of sci-fi than the operatic of Interstellar, but no less thought-provoking, Duncan Jones’ film debut became an instant cult classic thanks to some smartly simple designs and a stunning lead performance from the always-compelling Sam Rockwell.

Moon watches Rockwell’s isolated lunar worker as they learn a life-changing truth about their job and its far-reaching philosophical repercussions. For lovers of Interstellar view of a convincingly not-too-distant future, the film is another important new entry into the genre, equally chilling and amusing.

·         2010: The Year We Make Contact (Released In 1984)

Here Is The List Of Space Movies Like Interstellar Which You Might Love To Watch
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Despite being an almost polar opposite to the original in many respects, the belated sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s innovative 2001: A Space Odyssey is by no means a maligned foray into the genre, nor is it renowned for being disliked by fans of the original.

While 2001 has no big-name stars, 2010 has a nearly all-star ensemble, which does not detract from the film’s overall quality. Similarly, The Year We Make Contact emphasises clarity over mystery and resolves all of A Space Odyssey’s greatest mysteries retroactively.

It can never quite match the excitement of the first film, but director Peter Hyams’ attention to detail in the designs is mesmerizing, and most of the suspense from the first film carries over and syncs up much better with Interstellar major set pieces and heated debates.

·         Contact (Released In 1997)

Contact, adapted from Carl Sagan’s novel of the same name–who, strangely enough, arguably prompted the development of Interstellar by bringing the writers of its initial treatment on a blind date–delves as deeply as it can into the major science questions while also keeping the fiction aspect of the equation in mind.

Robert Zemeckis’ film about a strange alien signal from space, produced by one of Interstellar’s main creators and co-author of the original treatment, Lynda Obst, and starring Matthew McConaughey, is one of the most important stepping stones on the road that would eventually lead to Interstellar and is a must-see for fans of sci-fi in general.

Here was the complete list of the space movies which are like Interstellar movies and you will definitely love these if you love Interstellar. Which movie are you planning to watch for this weekend? Do let us know in the comment section.


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