Here’s what going on with the civil lawsuit filed against fox news commentators. 

4 fox news commentators have been charged with sexual misconduct and harassment. The allegations are put on them by 2 of their co-worker. While one of the co-workers works with them, the other just a guest. However, both of them have decided to speak on the matter. 

One of them has pressed charged against ed Henry. She said that Henry had promised her advancement in her career if she gives her sexual advantage.

Another person also pressed charges of sexual misconduct on henry. However, she made the same allegations against 3 other fox news commentators as well. 

Henry is no longer associated with fox news. She was fired by the new channel at the starting of July, following the same allegations against him. This was reported by new york times. However, Henry’s attorney said that mee too movement brought forward many cases but this wasn’t simply one of them. 

Here's what going on with the civil lawsuit filed against fox news commentators. 
Here’s what going on with the civil lawsuit filed against fox news commentators.

The victim said that initially, she had decided not to talk on the issue. But she chose to spoke because she didn’t want to be suppressed by the fear of victim shaming, repeated attacks, or other things. Both are represented by a lawyer having great former experience in such cases. For more Such latest news stay tuned with us. 

Fox News said in a statement that “Based on the findings of a comprehensive independent investigation conducted by an outside law firm, including interviews with numerous eyewitnesses, we have determined that all of Cathy Areu’s claims against FOX News,

Including its management as well as its hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity & Howard Kurtz, and its contributor Gianno Caldwell, are false, patently frivolous, and utterly devoid of any merit.

We take all claims of harassment, misconduct, and retaliation seriously, promptly investigating them and taking immediate action as needed — in this case, the appropriate action based on our investigation is to defend vigorously against these baseless allegations.

Ms. Areu and Jennifer Eckhart can pursue their claims against Ed Henry directly with him, as FOX News already took swift action as soon as it learned of Ms. Eckhart’s claims on June 25 and Mr. Henry are no longer employed by the network.” 

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