Here’s what randonautica is, an app that led a group of teens to a dead body. 

There has been a new app in the market called randonautica. After providing an input option to the user, where the user can put his intention and then after choosing from one of the 3 options based on energy according to the app, the user will be asked to go to a place. And guess what, the place will somehow connect back to the user’s intention. 

Sounds fun, right? Although not as pleasant as you might have assumed. The app sometimes can lead you to places where you would have never gone on your own. There are videos filled up on tik tok and their experiences with this app. The app can sometimes prove to be really spooky. 

The app led a group of children to a beach. When they reached, they found a suitcase that was emitting a foul smell. They thought that something must be wrong and informed the police immediately. After the police opened the suitcase, it turned out to be a dead body that shook the teens to their very core. 

Here's what randonautica is, an app that led a group of teens to a dead body. 
Here’s what randonautica is, an app that led a group of teens to a dead body.

However, that is not the only spooky incident related to this app. There are so many others that found their way on tik tok. One other video pointed out that a person was led to the grave of a relative by the app. While another person was led to the body of a dead man who was shot. 

The app says that it combines the elements of quantum physics and spirituality but it’s not exactly clear how the app does this. However, there are not only negative reports as some users pointed out to really interesting discoveries they made using the app. One such user wrote that 

“It’s sort of a perfect storm of easy tools to create little vignettes and an algorithm that boosts the memetic nature of the phenomena,” Lengfelder explains. “People see an interesting adventure, decide to try the app themselves, post a TikTok of what they find, and Randonautica ends up self-propagating.” For more such latest news stay tuned with us. 

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