How Junk Removal Can Help With Your Sentimental Clutter

Memories are best kept alive in your precious mind. However, we all do have some items that remind us of a particular event in our lives. Be it the teddy bear a suitor once gave to us. We’ve long grown out of teddy bears and maybe it didn’t work out with you two back then. But the teddy was given to you as a kind of emotional support when you went through a rough patch. The gesture alone makes it hard for you to let go of the teddy bear. 

The same applies to all sorts of other items you may have accumulated over all those years. Although your clutter has no other value than the sentimental one, it eventually has to go. Get a free quote on for professional junk removal that can help you declutter fast and effectively.

Why We Attach Sentimental Values 

We humans have a habit to attach a sentimental value to the most varied objects. A hoarder, for example, may have a hard time letting go of used tea bags. Yes, it does sound rather vile, but he just can’t let go. Not being able to let go may have its origins in a sad childhood. It’s often people who did lack loving attention from their parents or other family members. Since they were left alone basically all the time, they started to compensate for that void inside of them. They start to cling to particular items that somehow provide them with a sense of comfort. 

Old Memories Attached To An Object

Then there’s of course the sentimental value demonstrated by a dear memory, such as with that teddy bear. It could as well be a set of glasses you inherited from someone dear to you. Although you actually don’t like their style and never use them, you keep them. Letting go of inherited objects makes you feel guilty. Then there are of course objects that may remind you of particular stages in your life. It could be a book series you haven’t looked at in years. The book series may not have any kind of connection to your life as it was to the time. They only remind you of other events in your life that occurred around that time. The more positive those events were, the harder it is to let go.

Who Tends To Attach Sentimental Value The Most

Believe it or not, it’s usually creative people that accumulate all sorts of clutter. It’s not only a sentimental value they attach to their stuff. They may also feel inspired by certain items or plan to use them for an art project. A person that’s not as creative can’t understand the connections a creative person may hold for those items. For one person, a box of old glasses is of absolutely no value. A creative person, however, thinks it’s splendid since he could dress up for fancy dress parties. Or indeed use them for the next still life. As such, creative people are most prone to accumulate clutter. To others, their living space may appear like a completely chaotic minefield. To them, it’s a creative order.

But how do you find objects for your next creation if clutter has taken over your property? It’s time for a major declutter and to let go of at least some items. You can either slowly go through your things yourself or ask a junk removal to do it for you.

How a Junk Removal Can Help

A junk removal service doesn’t only pick up junk from the curb or your backyard. They’re also happy to come into your home and take out the clutter from where it is. As such, you have two options:

  1. You organize your clutter. Pick a room every day and have three boxes available. Take everything out of your shelves and cabinets and distribute the items: one is for keep, one is for sale or donations, the third is for tossing. Depending on the size of your home, it can be rather time-extensive, but it will be worth the effort. Have a friend at your side who reflects with you if you still use or need the items. It’ll make it easier for you to throw out whatever is of no use for you. Once you finish, schedule a collection with the junk removal. It’s likely going to be a lot that leaves your home.
  1. Let the junk removers do it for you. This is probably the best approach in hoarder situations. But the junk removers are also happy to haul out clutter from designated areas you inform them of. Technically, you’d not have to be around personally as they are taking on the junk removal. You can either open the door for them and leave them to it. Alternatively, you can hand them keys and go elsewhere during that time. Once they finish, you’re entering a whole new world in your property. Especially when there are a lot of sentimental values attached to a varied amount of objects, it’s easier for you not to be around.

Advantages of Hiring a Junk Removal

If you’re embarrassed about all the clutter you accumulated you probably don’t want a friend or family member to help you. You don’t want them to see the chaos you created over the years. The guys of junk removal, however, have seen the worst already. They cleared out countless hoarder homes and didn’t think too much about it. For them, it’s just a job to provide someone with the help they need. You neither know them personally and they don’t know you personally either. Maybe, You will either have to be afraid that they’d start to spread rumors about your clutter. You remain a client for them and whatever they’re tasked with is treated with confidentiality. The best about junk removal is that you can get rid of all the clutter in one sweep. You will notice how a weight has lifted from your shoulders once it’s all gone.

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