How Old Is Dabi In The My Hero Academia Anime Series

How Old Was Toya Todoroki When He Died?

Dabi, real name Toya Todoroki, is a major antagonist in the My Hero Academia manga and anime series. He is the Pro Hero Endeavor’s oldest kid, who has become insane as a result of his irresponsible actions and transforms into an evil character to exact vengeance.

He joined the League of Villains as a former member of the now-defunct Vanguard Action Squad, and subsequently as one of the Paranormal Liberation Front’s nine lieutenants. He serves as one of the main villains in the Forest Training Camp Arc, Pro Hero Arc, and Paranormal Liberation War Arc, alongside his colleagues.

How Old Is Dabi From My Hero Academia?

A few miscreants have such enchanting characters or fascinating skills that we just can’t resist the urge to like them. And a few fans are similarly as captivated by the antagonists as they are by the principal character of the story. With Dabi’s bizarre appearance and clear blue blazes, he’s absolutely one of the lowlifes from My Hero Academia that fans need to find out about.

Dabi, the Blueflame, doesn’t show up on screen over and over again, and fans are consuming to see whether the Dabi Todoroki theory is valid. In this article, we uncover more about this individual from the League of Villains and answer the consuming inquiry: how old is Dabi?

How Old Is Dabi?

Deciding on Dabi’s age is all in all a test since nobody knows for specific the year in which My Hero Academia happens. It is particularly challenging to decide his age on the grounds that as a miscreant, Dabi doesn’t show up time after time in the series. At the point when he shows up, very little data with respect to his experience is uncovered.

Assuming we consider Dabi without the Dabi Todoroki theory as a primary concern, deciding his precise age is just about unthinkable. In light of his looks and the general age of the League of Villains (a strong criminal association that Dabi joins), Dabi ought to be somewhere in the range of 17 and 30 years of age.

While anime fans are as yet sitting tight for the enormous uncover, manga fans (fair warning!) definitely realize that the theory is right and presently have a vastly improved thought of what the genuine period of Dabi is.

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What Is The Dabi Todoroki Theory?

According to this idea, Dabi, or Blueflame, is the oldest child of the primary hero, Endeavor (Enji Todoroki), who died, and is Shoto Todoroki’s (one of the main characters and a hero in training) elder brother Toya Todoroki.

Fans proposed this notion after seeing that Dabi has the same eye tone as Shoto’s left eye and both of Endeavor’s eyes. He also has a similar hairstyle to a more young Endeavor and his fire attribute or pyrokinetic abilities.

Manga readers understand that this idea is correct since Dabi discovers reality in Chapter 290. In this segment, Dabi discovers his true name, Toya Todoroki, and exposes this information to the country in order to tarnish the main hero’s name.

He also admits to committing several cold-blooded killings after being abandoned by Enji Todoroki. He abandoned Toya after realizing his child wasn’t strong enough to defeat the main hero All Might, as Enji’s sole goal in life is to be superior to All Might.

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How Old Was Toya Todoroki When He Died?

Since we presently know beyond all doubt that Dabi is Toya Todoroki, it will be intriguing to figure out how old he was at the point at which he evidently kicked the bucket – or rather, made due.

In Chapter 291, Endeavor uncovers how Toya Todoroki kicked the bucket. Subsequent to being discarded and considered too frail by his father for being short and lacking power, Toya went to Sekoto Peak to prepare to try to do right by his father and prove that he was not a mistake.

Subsequent to dominating his idiosyncrasy (his power or exceptional capacity), Toyo needed to show Enji what he was able to do and requested that he come to Sekoto Peak. At the point when Enji didn’t show up, Toya evidently let completely go and consumed to death.

Endeavor uncovered that Toya kicked the bucket in a 2,000-degree-Celsius fire and that there was nobody left in sight. Just a part of Toya’s jawbone stayed while the remainder of him disintegrated into debris.

Fans presently realize that Toya somehow made due and that he supported loads of harm that was hurriedly reestablished with patches of skin all around his body. The scarring and interwoven came about because of him not having the option to control the intensity that his eccentricity produces.

The specific insights about his endurance are muddled, however, what is clear is that the episode occurred when Toya was around 13 years of age.

How Old Is Dabi Currently?

How Old Was Toya Todoroki When He Died?

Toya, or Dabi, is the oldest brother of the four Todoroki youngsters. He is eight years older than his most youthful brother, Shoto Todoroki. This was resolved when the tale of his demise was uncovered. At the point when Toya was 13 years of age, he “kicked the bucket” when Shoto was just five years of age.

Shoto Todoroki was 15 during his most memorable appearance in My Hero Academia, alongside Izuko Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and other colleagues of a similar age. We know this since Class 1-A consists of the first-year understudies in secondary school.

Since Toyo Todoroki is eight years older than Shoto, he should as of now associate with 23-24 years of age.

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