How Rearview Mirrors Work

Rearview mirrors are an essential part of automobiles. Their main purpose is to provide visibility for the rear and sides of your vehicle. If you want to know how these mirrors work, continue reading our article. One of the aspects that we will cover in-depth is their anti-glare effect.

We will also consider the manual rearview mirror with an incorporated switch, allowing you to adjust them easily. Once you start using this accessory’s nighttime and daytime modes, you will have better visibility and a safer driving experience.

Rearview Mirrors and Their Anti-Glare Effect

Before discussing the anti-glare effect and how we perceive it when using a rearview mirror, we should mention a short example. Imagine you are inside the house with the lights turned on; you are standing in front of a normal window.

At that moment, you can see your reflection in the window glass. Now imagine looking into the rearview mirror instead of a window and having the same experience. What the window glass and rearview mirror have in common is the anti-glare effect.

When you take a closer look at mirrors, you will notice that these are not ground flat. Instead, the front surface is inclined at a specific angle towards the back. Furthermore, if you look at the mirror without its casing, you will easily notice that it is wedge-shaped, with a thicker edge positioned at the top.

Once you flip the mirror, the back mirrored surface will point towards the ceiling, and you will see that image reflected off the front glass.

The reflection has a smaller intensity than the pure reflected image, protecting your eyes from harm. If you want to test this fact, park your car in the garage and go there at night to test your rearview mirror.

When you flip the mirror and shine the light at the ceiling, you will notice the fully reflected image on the front surface reflection, allowing you to see the ceiling.

How to Use Your Mirror’s Switch and Set It Properly

As we have previously mentioned, the rearview mirror is useful for providing visibility of the lateral and rear sides. Even so, in certain situations, you may be blinded by the headlights of your vehicle reflected in your mirror.

This incident will reduce your safety on the road. However, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Simply use the switch located in the back of the mirror. Keep in mind that it’s important to have high-quality mirrors. This is the reason why so many drivers choose durable Seizmik mirrors.

If your vehicle has a built-in manual rearview mirror, search for it. Once you have located it, you will notice how the switch can be moved up or down. The next step is to set it into one of the following positions:

  • Daytime driving mode (everything looks crisp and clear);
  • Nighttime driving mode (dimmed reflection, harder to see under external lighting conditions, dims the glare of any headlights behind you).

Now that you know how the mirror switch works, you can adjust it better to your surroundings. Contrary to common opinion, the mirror is a wedge of glass with different thickness levels at its ends. Once you have flipped the switch at the bottom, the wedge will move.

This simple gesture changes how the light passes through and the way it’s reflected. When you choose daylight driving mode, the back surface of your rearview mirror reflects both lights and images.

After you have flipped the switch, the mirror glass changes its orientation, and you will gain extra visibility from the front.

As a consequence of the light and images traveling through the backside of the glass to reach the front and bounce back, you will see a dimmer image and greatly reduced glare from the headlights behind you.

Understanding the Mirror’s Effect and Accessories

Learn more about the anti-glare effect to have a better understanding of how mirrors reflect images. Next, check if your vehicle has a manual rearview mirror. If the answer is yes, locate the switch underneath it. Flip that switch to the day or night mode. This action will help you drive better while increasing your safety


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