How to Merge Several PDFs or Images Into a Single File on iOS



    A PDF splitter is a tool that lets users break up large PDF files by deleting unnecessary pages and creating a new file. The application is often thought to be limited to only specialized programs or software available online. But there are ways that users can also perform functions like merging PDF files and splitting them on their phones. The best part is that users do not have to download or pay for special software to merge or split or combine PDF files. The operation is easy to perform on any iOS device with an easy-to-use app and can range from doing it on your iPhone or iPad. 

    How Do I Combine PDF Images on iPhone?

    There are several ways to merge PDF files on an iOS-based device like an iPhone. Among the best ways is to use an app for this specific purpose of which there are many. One of those apps is the PDF Photos App. The app gives users the ability to view, merge and edit several images into ready-to-use PDFs in a matter of moments. 

    Users can open the app and then browse their images to select which ones they want to merge. After scrolling through the thumbnail view and selecting their images, users can then edit the images by adding text or converting them into another file type, if they wish. Once they have made all their necessary changes, users simply press the Save or Share buttons to make the changes permanent. 

    How Do You Combine PDF Files on iPhone?

    Unlike Android devices, iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad come with built-in PDF editing and merging tools. Users can also download and install specific apps to edit or alter their PDF files if they want, but the operating system also allows users to perform simple merging and editing specifications. 

    To merge several PDF files into one, users need only open the Files folder and select the files they want to merge. Afterward, they can simply go to Merge in the File Manager and press Merge. There are different ways to perform the merging function in different applications. It depends on the app that users have downloaded to their phone, but the premise is usually the same. 

    A program like Lumin PDF is also available to iOS users, as well as Android users. Lumin is also available for offline use with a downloadable desktop version. Lumin simplifies several PDF editing processes. It lets users add or remove text from PDF files. It also gives users the ability to change the layout and format of PDF files. 

    Lumin also has merging and splitting capabilities that let users select multiple files at once for merging or splitting. The program uses a thumbnail view to let users select which parts of a document they want to merge or, conversely, which parts of a document they wish to delete to make a brand new file. 

    How to Choose the Best PDF Tool for This Purpose

    Choosing the right PDF tool that can merge or combine PDF files is not an easy choice, as there are so many to choose from. Users have dozens of apps with different abilities such as viewing, editing, compression, and conversion. Often, these features come packaged in one app, but that is not always the case. 

    The right PDF tool is the one that satisfies a user’s requirements. These requirements can vary. They can be things like are they single-use to multi-purpose, paid, or free-to-use? Does the app take up a lot of space or does it have a reasonable file size? Are there any premium features to choose from? The choices are endless, but it is not hard for users to choose the right PDF tool for their iPhone or iOS. 


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