How To Prepare For Any Event: Online Preparedness

The current health crisis has taught us two things: that many events can be held entirely online, via skype, zoom, or any other meeting platform, and that even when the event itself is happening face to face, you can still prepare for it mostly online. Sure, you probably won’t want to buy your wedding dress without trying it on, but you can pick the menu online. And if you can pick the menu, you can also ensure your event too! Here is how to prepare for your big day online!

Step 1: Start planning

You probably already have an idea of how you want your event to turn out. But between the dream and the dream come true stands a lot of planning, most of which you can do yourself! Think of how many people you want to invite and how far they might have to travel: some will need accommodations for one or even two nights. Then, look at the types of venues available for your party size. A group of 30 people will probably fit in a mountain lodge, but 300 people will not. Before you contact an event planner, you need to have exact answers to the who, the when, and the where questions.

Step 2: Budget

The next big decision you need to make is how much you are willing and able to spend on this event. Once in contact with an event planner, if you decide you need one, they will ask you about your budget, so they can look for options within that. A portion of the available funds should go into safety, including event insurance. Why? So that if you have to cancel due to extenuating circumstances, you can get your investment back! Nobody wants to end up without their savings and without their event. This website provides insurance for different event types, 100% online! Invest in event insurance; it’s simply smart budgeting, especially in times like these!

Step 3: Anticipate changes

Think about what can change and be proactive. Double-check that the venue is booked for the right day and number of people. Have guests confirm that they are coming and if they are bringing plus ones and children. It doesn’t do to invite 50 guests and find out you actually have over 100, because they all brought partners and kids. Overall, prepare for the unexpected, and we mean even the ridiculous, out-of-this-world unexpected, like this “Lord of the Rings”-style theft. It didn’t happen at any event, but it very well could have! Insure what cannot be replaced easily and have spares of what you know you will need but can easily lose or damage. Sure, it will be a bit more expensive, but it might just save your day!

Step 4: Stay safe and shop online

Whether you are planning a small, intimate event or a lavish one, you need to do some shopping. And with COVID-19 not yet fully under control, your safest bet is to do as much of your shopping online. Encourage others to do the same so you can all be happy and healthy on the day of the event. Some large online shops even allow you to set up a wish list for specific events, so you can share it with your guests! You can have presents shipped directly to your doorstep, without any contact and without having to leave the house. And for the shopping that you need to do, most of it can be done online too! Food, wine, flowers, decorations… all of these don’t need you to leave the house to buy.

Bottom line

Here are four simple steps you can follow to make your big day happen safely even with uncertainty at the door. Dream, plan, budget, and insure, all online! Stay safe so you can attend your event without worrying! Tell us how you would prepare or how you did prepare for an upcoming event in this day and age. The comments section is open for your stories!


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