How to Use Instagram Hashtags For Business

Instagram Hashtags

Growing a business online is a fantastic idea. As the new decade has started, we can assume that starting a business online or getting your small business online can be very promising. Well, growing a business on the internet is not only about creating a website. You need to do more things to reach more customers.

One of the best ways to grow your business is using social media platforms. However, not every social media platforms are ideal for every business. In that case, Instagram is a winner for promoting small to medium businesses on the internet.

There are many features you can use on Instagram for your business. Using hashtags is also very effective for business. In this article, we will cover how to use Instagram hashtags for your business. Let’s find out.

#1 How to Use Hashtags For Posts

Instagram posts are the best ways to grow your business with hashtags. If you are aware of Instagram posts, you may notice that people use multiple hashtags with their posts. However, using random hashtags is not ideal. In fact, it could affect your business.

Finding ideal hashtags is also essential when you are serious about how to find micro influencers for promoting your business how to find micro influencers on this photo-sharing platform. To find related hashtags, go to the search option, then type the word you want to search about. You will find a lot of hashtags and their search volume. Then, choose those hashtags that have a large search volume.

When you are making a new post, you have to write an appealing caption. Then, you need to attach some highly searched and relevant hashtags. Make sure these hashtags are related to your post. You also need to post some of the best hashtags, don’t put too many of those. The ideal number of hashtags of a post is 10-15 while Instagram allows 30 hashtags max. 

#2 Get Followers From GetInsta

When you are struggling to grow the audience for your business, getting free followers could be very helpful. However, using proper hashtags could also help you get followers. You can also get free Instagram likes and followers from GetInsta.

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GetInsta helps people getting 1000 free Instagram followers trial without sharing any personal information. The best thing about this website is they have a 24×7 customer support service. You can easily grow your business on Instagram with GetInsta.

#3 How to Use Hashtags For Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are another great way to grow a business. However, when it comes to using hashtags for stories, it could be a little crucial. You need to use hashtags carefully with Instagram stories. You may know using hashtags for posts is relatively easier. 

When it comes to stories, you have to start branding. Instagram stories last for 24 hours, so if you are not choosing the right hashtag, you can’t grow your business. Make sure you are using a broad hashtag, so people will notice your stories more. One thing you need to care about that those board hashtags are also singular. So, people can understand more. 

Placing the hashtag on the stories is also essential. Make sure you are not hiding the message with the hashtag you are using. Plus, make sure the hashtag has a clean font and looks more professional. However, you can only use one hashtag sticker with each post.

#4 How to Use Hashtags For IGTV 

If you are creating videos on IGTV for your business, then you also need to use hashtags. Just like Instagram stories, using hashtags for IGTV could be also tricky. However, you can use up to 30 hashtags for IGTV videos.

When someone is posting an IGTV video, it will appear just like a normal post. You can use hashtags by writing an attractive caption under that video. Once you have opened the IGTV app, you can upload the video and choose the cover image. Then, make sure you are putting the hashtag.

Finding the ideal hashtags are the same as Instagram posts. However, putting hashtags is not that effective with searches. Like other content on this photo-sharing social networking platform, there’s no surety that your post will appear on the search option. Although when you have a trusted audience, you can start with IGTV.


Finally, you know how you can get help from using Instagram hashtags. However, it’s a little bit tricky, you need to use them carefully. If you need to know something, make sure you are doing enough research.

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