Ice Cube reportedly working with Trump on his campaign

Rapper Ice Cube confronted blowback this week after a Trump crusade guide asserted the artist was working with the organization on its foundation for African Americans. Trump counsel Katrina Pierson tweeted Tuesday that the rapper was building up the organization’s “Platinum Plan,” which means to bring $500 billion to Black America. 

Katrina Pierson gave a shout out to icecube on twitter for agreeing to venture up and work with Donald Trump Administration on his twitter campaign. Pierson also tweeted that “Pioneers going to lead, haters going to detest. Much obliged to you for driving!” 

Ice Cube reacted on Wednesday, explaining that the two players reached him after he returned his Contract back to Black America, which looks to address “the core of prejudice” and present “an outline to accomplish racial financial equity.” 

The rapper said that Democrats disclosed to him they’d address the activity after the political decision, while the Trump lobby made acclimations to its arrangement in the wake of talking with him. He additionally reacted to a fan who guaranteed he was presently “working with the darkside.” “Each side is the Darkside for us here in America.

They’re in no way different until something changes for us,” Ice Cube tweeted. He also mentioned that Almost everyone are alike and they all tend to cheat yet we are not able to bear the cost of not to haggle with whoever is in power or our condition in this nation will never show signs of change. Our equity is bipartisan.

In a video presented on his web-based media on Oct. 11, Ice Cube said that while Democrats had been pleasant to him, the Trump lobby had “put $500 billion on the table.” However, he guaranteed that he was just “spitting reality” from his perspective. “I’m attempting to get to reality. I ain’t going to be essential for no one’s program. No one’s going to get me to withdraw,” he said. 

Pierson’s tweet collected reaction for Ice Cube, with some bringing up that the NWA rapper said he would “never support a mothaf – a like Donald Trump” in 2016.

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