IDDHA NAMMA AALU: Movie review , cast and everything you need to know

Pandiraj 2016 wrote, co-produced, and directed Idhu Namma Aalu in Tamil. Soori and Jayaprakash take on the lead roles of Silambarasan, Nayantara, and Andrea Jeremiah. T. Rajender directed the film, and Kuralara composed the music. This film was highly anticipated and received mixed reviews before becoming a moderately successful box office performer. In Telugu, the film was dubbed “Sarasudu” in 2017.

Story line of “IDHA NAMMA  AALU”

IDDHA NAMMA AALU: Movie review , cast and everything you need to know
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Shiva (Silambarasan) is his driver and coworker as an IT engineer, and Vaasu is his assistant (Soori). He goes to see Myla (Nayanthara) for a matrimony proposal and falls in love with her right away. Myla wishes to speak privately with his ex-girlfriend, Priya (Andrea Jeremiah). Shiva admits to having old feelings. He then leaves the house, certain that there will be no marriage, but Myla accepts the proposal. Later, they start talking on the phone, and Shiva tells him about his old love storey and how they split up. Myla falls in love with Shiva and initially tests him, but they eventually become a loved couple. One day, their parents argue over a trivial issue, and their marriage is called off. Myla attempts suicide because she does not share Shiva’s thoughts, but her father intervenes and saves her (Jayaprakash). Myla and Shiva marry and live together. As the plot progresses, they are forced to marry three times. When the film ends, it’s a child, and they always live happily ever after.

Production and management of “IDDHA NAMU AALU”

Pandiraj tweeted about Kuralarasan’s disappointment in January 2015, when he was releasing the film music, stating that the teaser would be delayed for a month. The subsequent exchange of tweets between the director and the composer was to blame for the film’s slow progress. T. Rajendar also complained to Nadigar Sangam in September 2015 about Nayantara’s refusal to participate in a song shoot. Pandiraj defended it, claiming that Nayantara had wasted nearly two years on the film due to poor production organisation and had yet to be compensated for her efforts. He went on to say that this song was an extra kuthu number that hadn’t been requested by the script. Silambarasan shot the song in early March 2016 with Adah Sharma after the actress played a minor role in the film.

IDDHA NAMMA AALU: Movie review , cast and everything you need to know
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Idhu Namma Aalu’s main strengths are its leaders, Simbu and Nayanthara. It’s a brilliant casting stunt, and it’s one of the few things director Pandiraj gets right in this film. The audience is aware of their shared history, which Pandiraj uses to weave a romance around him.

The actors play Siva (Simbu) and Myla (Nayanthara), who grew up in a small town but moved to Chennai for work. Siva’s father arranges for him (Jayaprakash) to marry Myla, and when he sees her, he falls in love. But Myla is aware that she was previously involved with her friend Priya (Andrea, whose only cue seems to have been: keep smiling). Is she going to reject him as a result of this?

Pandiraj appears to be so content that he does not create an engaging business in Idhu Namma Aalu with his leaders. Every scene feels too long, and many scenes indicate to the manager that he tries to make them look good (Simbu refers to his father as a boy, lovers refer to each other as a little kuttima or ammu) (a dialer screen appears every time a character calls somebody on the side of the screen). Zimbu and Nayanthara are shown in scene after scene and dialogue after dialogue discussing their once-in-a-lifetime relationship with Simbu, their playing boys, their eagerness, and even their commitment to Ajith. We don’t see it as Siva and Myla after a while, so the characters don’t matter.

Naturally, this method does work on occasion. Pandiraj could still write a catchy speech, and his one-liners kept us entertained on occasion. He is also astute enough to update this long-delayed film with new movie lines and songs from Theri and Vedalam. Simbu, for example, allows everyone to enjoy their own personal lives and try to lighten their moods. Is that, however, sufficient? There is a sudden disagreement at the end of the film to bring it to a climax, and it is so bad that we can only quench our imagination for such a fluffy movie. Pandiraj, who was once a promising new-age director, has evolved into a filmmaker who is so desperate for the audience to love his film that he has started giving them what they want easily, even if it means doing something worldly. But I’m worried about whether he’ll be able to change his mind or if he’s gone too far.

IDDHA NAMMA AALU: Movie review , cast and everything you need to know
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BOX OFFICE Collection

The movie “IMMA NAMMA AALO” grossed about Rs.2.38 crores only during its run and these figures suggests that the movie was not a great one for the makers as it didn’t earned them a great revenue which they were seeking for and turned out to be a disaster for the team.

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