In Trump’s Governance, America’s coronavirus failures exposed

On January 20th, 2020 the first known carrier of COVID-19 was confirmed in the US which started a series of events indicating a vivid dent in the governance of Trump administration.

One of the indicators is evident by a record surge in new cases since January.

President of the United States of America has consistently underestimated the severeness of the virus that has claimed 128,000 lives so far.

He has been ignorant towards expert guidance and often his speeches and rallies have deluded Americans about the ongoing outbreak.

A pandemic that demands patience, focus, leadership, and precision to tackle it, is being dealt with the synonyms of the same.

In Trump's Governance, America's coronavirus failures exposed
In Trump’s Governance, America’s coronavirus failures exposed

Trump’s rallies and speeches are charged with musings that advocate decreasing the testing rates, defying necessary guidelines, scrutinizing face coverings, and desensitizing the gravity of problematic racist words by allowing “Kung flu” as a nickname for the virus.

President’s top associates are just as ignorant and biased, senior administration can often be seen contradicting either their own or one another’s statements on a day-to-day basis.

Vice President Mike Pence spares no opportunity to praise Trump’s “remarkable” efforts at dealing with the pandemic while sparing every opportunity of discussing a record spike in new cases.

“We have made truly remarkable progress in moving our nation forward,” Pence made a statement on Friday. “We’ve all seen the encouraging news as we open up America again.”

USA’s largest one day total in new COVID-19 cases was announced at 40,000 on Friday itself.

A former senior member of the administration shares his concern, “They’re creating cognitive dissonance in the country, it’s more than them being asleep at the wheel. They’re confusing people at this point when we need to be united.”

During the months of April and June, Trump’s interviews, speeches, and public briefings share a pattern of drifting the country’s focus from much needed public discussion about the virus to making an economic comeback which he brands as “Transition to Greatness.”

The only discussions around the pandemic involve making misstatements about treatments, PPEs, and further confusing the citizens which are readily accepted with open arms by his logic-defying followers and top Republican lawmakers.

Due to a lack of sincerity by the top administrators, local officials are struggling to maintain required restrictions and guidelines issued by health officials.

While the USA is advancing at an accelerated pace in terms of new cases every day.

New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea which had their fair share of cases have now successfully taken the outbreak under control through persistent and efficient strategies coupled with cooperation, other countries are following too. 

Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and an informal adviser to the Trump administration says that “It’s going to continue to spread until you do something to intervene.

I’m not sure we are taking enough forceful action to break the trend right now.” 

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