Indications At Home That You Need Emergency Drain Cleaning

A home has many different systems working together that you use daily. You want these systems to work perfectly, but you do not pay much attention to their maintenance most of the time. One of these systems that need to be working perfectly all the time, is the drain and sewage system. This is one of the most neglected systems in the house as long as it is working fine. 

Keep in mind that if you neglect the drains in your house, it can make your house impossible to live in. Just the smells coming from the drain and sewer system can pose a health hazard. This is why you might require emergency drain cleaning services from time to time. The following is a list of reasons why your house might need emergency drain cleaning from a group of professionals. 

  1. Frozen or Clogged Pipes

In some neighborhoods, the temperature falls below the freezing point in winter. The water may not be running in all of the pipes when you are sleeping at night. This can temporarily freeze the water inside the pipes along with the pipes. Frozen pipes can become the reason for many other different plumbing problems within the house. The following are some indications that your pipes may be frozen.

  • Hearing strange clunking sounds when the tap is turned on
  • Obvious frost on bare pipes
  • Water clogging in any part of your home

Frozen pipes can shut off the water supply to a particular part of your house. 

  1. Clogged Pipes and Water Flowing Back

Water flowing back up a drain is one of the worst experiences for a homeowner. Pipes can get clogged sometimes due to the different temperatures in the daytime and the evening. But most often it is because of something being stuck in the drain. It can be difficult to locate the exact place where the waste is stuck in the pipe. 

An emergency drain cleaning service can help clear the pipes if one of your drains becomes clogged. The longer the drain remains clogged, the higher the chances are that there might be damage to your pipe when the pipe is cleared. 

  1. Stale and Stinky Smells

There will be stale and stinky aromas near a drain or pipe if it has been clogged for a long time. This can happen if you have been on vacation leaving behind a clogged pipe. There will also be bad smells if the kitchen sink grinder is clogged. Trying to unclog a kitchen sink grinder with built-in garbage disposal can be dangerous if you do not know how to operate it. 

The grinder needs to be stopped before the blockage can be cleared. Professional drain cleaning services know exactly how all kinds of kitchen garbage disposal units work. They can safely unclog the kitchen sink garbage disposal without anyone getting hurt. 

  1. Water Buildup Where There Shouldn’t Be Any

Some places in the kitchen and bathroom should always be dry. For example, underneath the bathroom and kitchen sink, behind the toilet, and the places where the pipes are connected to the wall should be dry. You will need emergency drain cleaning services if there is standing water in these places. 

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