Ink Masters Season 14: Why Did It Get Cancelled?


The year 2020 was difficult for “Ink Master” fans who had stuck with the show for all 13 seasons. Around the start of season 13, blackface photos of Oliver Peck surfaced. Despite the fact that he had already taped episodes for the upcoming season, he was fired by the Paramount Network. The season 13 finale was filmed live due to a pandemic known as CoViD-19, which awarded a “Ink Master” to a competitor or a staff member.

Shortly after the shortened season ended, it was announced that season 14 would not take place, adding insult to injury for the reality show. “Ink Master” proved to be too much of a draw for Paramount as a whole to pass up the opportunity to produce more scripted programs.

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According to Deadline, as part of its push to get people to subscribe to its new streaming platform, Paramount+, Paramount has decided to go ahead with “Ink Master” Season 14 after all.

When will Season 14 of Ink Master be released?

Season 12 debuted on June 11, 2019, and Season 13 debuted on January 7, 2020, demonstrating how quickly new episodes of “Ink Master” are filmed and released. Given the ongoing public health disaster, it may be some time before Paramount executives are ready to move forward with another season of COVID-19.

To summarize, the first new episodes of “Ink Master” can be expected in early 2022. A relaunch of the show would be an excellent opportunity to do so, with Paramount+ pitching the new season as a celebration of 10 years of amazing (and occasionally not-so-amazing) tattoos.

Grudge Match and Angels are two of the many “Ink Master” spin-offs. There’s no word yet on whether the other series will follow suit, or if Paramount is simply waiting to see how well the core series performs first.

Season 14 of Ink Master is currently casting

The next season’s competition will almost certainly feature a new crop of tattoo artists competing for the title of “Ink Master” and a fortune. At the moment, this is the only unanswered question.

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Dave Navarro and Chris Nez will serve as judges in the absence of Oliver Peck. Since the show was officially cancelled in 2020, there is a good chance that the cast and crew would be interested in returning. One of the many guest judges who have appeared on “Ink Master” over the years could fill the third judge position.

It’s possible that Paramount would prefer to start over with the project. The show could be given new life by bringing in a new panel of judges. After 13 seasons, it’s time for a change, and bringing in some new judges might do the trick.

Is there a teaser for Season 14 of Ink Master?

“Ink Master” was resurrected in February 2021, but no release date has been announced. It is possible that an official trailer will not be available for some time.

As evidenced by the release of the season 13 teaser in November of 2019, two months before episodes began to air, it is very likely that it will air shortly before the season 14 premiere. There is a possibility that something similar will occur again.

Instead of simply announcing the return of the reality show, Paramount+ may take advantage of the opportunity to tease fans with a new trailer, potentially revealing who will take over as the third judge. If all three characters are new, this is an excellent opportunity to educate the audience on what to expect as the series progresses.

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