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When Netflix’s Insatiable series premiered in 2018, it wowed both viewers and critics. Fans are now wondering if there will ever be a third season.

Debby Ryan plays Patty Bladell, a high school student who is bullied because of her weight. Patty is forced to go on a liquid diet for several months after a violent incident with a homeless man, which causes her to lose weight quickly. When Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts), a frustrated lawyer and beauty pageant enthusiast, is assigned to her case, he attempts to transform her into the beauty queen of his dreams.

When the first season of Insatiable premiered on Netflix, it received more criticism than praise. When Debby Ryan wore a fat suit to play Patty before she lost weight, there were numerous instances of fat-shaming. The show’s portrayal of the LGBT community, as well as racial stereotypes, has also been criticized.

I was a fan of the show at the time. I fell in love with Debby Ryan when she appeared on The Suite Life on Deck, and I was captivated by Insatiable’s twisted plotlines and dark humor. Everyone adores actress Alyssa Milano.

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Then I lost interest after seeing how many people were offended by the show. There was even a petition encouraging Netflix to cancel Insatiable! The petition has received over 237,000 signatures as of this writing.

Insatiable’s Third Season Has Yet To Be Announced.

After a petition was signed, Netflix canceled Insatiable after two seasons. According to Deadline, Alyssa Milano tweeted in February that the show will not return for a third season. Here are Milano’s tweets for your viewing pleasure.

Why was the event called off? In fact, why is Netflix series canceled when they appear to have an unlimited amount of money? A variety of factors are at work.

The culprit is a “combination of factors.” Cindy Holland, Netflix’s president of original content, stated that the streaming service’s cancellation decisions are based on the amount of audience participation expected (via Deadline).

Consider why we should continue to invest in a project that isn’t yielding the desired results if no one shows up. While critical acclaim is important, we are more concerned with getting the most bang for our buck and recouping the money our investors have invested in us.”

Alyssa Milano, the show’s lead, expressed her disappointment with the cancellation news by highlighting one of the unresolved plotlines.

When Can We Expect Season 3 of Insatiable on Netflix?

We can’t tell you anything more than you already know for the time being. Season One debuted in the summer of 2018, and Season Two will debut the following year. Stranger Things season three will almost certainly be delayed significantly, and there will almost certainly be a flood of internet petitions to force the show’s return.

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When Will The Season 3 Trailer For Insatiable Be Released?

The signal must first be picked up by another streamer or network. If it is approved, it will be released in the month preceding the premiere.

Who Will Appear In Season 3?

If season three is approved, Patty Ryan, Arden Myrin, Dallas Roberts, Christopher Gorham, and Sarah Colonna will all reprise their roles. Magnolia, Nonnie, Dixie, and Coralee will be reprised by Sarah Colonna, Kimmy Shields, and Irene Choi.

“Season 2 of @insatiable is near…but let’s be honest…@insatiable 3 is what you never knew you always wanted,” Christopher Gorham and Alyssa Milano both commented on the photo. Keep your eyes and ears open.”

Who Knows What Will Happen In Season 3?

Despite not knowing whether the comedy-drama will return, the show’s creator, Lauren Gussis, has already planned future episodes. A third season would center on Patty’s search for “her own inner basis and moral compass.”

After threatening Regina with murder for framing Bob as the Pageant Killer, she admitted, “Nothing tastes as good as killing feels.”

In addition to Stella Rose, Christian, and Gordy, she has already killed three drug dealers. “I don’t believe it can be reduced to her simply being a nasty person who enjoys murdering and is irredeemable,” Gussis told The Wrap.

I worked on Dexter for eight years, and I’m wondering if that character is irredeemable. It’s more about exploring one’s own darkest recesses and seeing how far one can go before returning to the light, in my opinion.

“Patty is relieved that she has finally said what everyone has been telling her: ‘If you want to recover, you have to be honest.’ What she claims to enjoy doing is true, but she hasn’t reached the point where she needs to reconsider her ethics, has she? That is exactly how it appears to be improving.”

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