Is Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan role influenced by Alec Guinness’?

It seems that the filming of the Obi-Wan series will begin in March considering the fact that Disney is moving forward with it. The world will get yet another chance to witness the character that was first made famous by Alex Guinness but it will be played by Ewan McGregor now. Certainly, things will be different for the actor. Moreover, there’s an additional surprise for you as Star Wars was mentioned while Ewan McGregor appeared on The Graham Norton Show. 

The actor was asked about his experience and how different was it for him as he is now nearing the age where Alec Guinness had first played the famous role. The actor then shared his own feeling about him playing Obi-Wan in the prequel trilogy for the very first time.

He said that the fun thing about playing a character like this was to imagine Alec Guinness playing those streams. According to the actor, he watched a lot of the former actor’s early work, which apparently, he had not seen before. He studied him first and really had a great time watching those brilliant, wonderful movies and most importantly, observing Alec Guinness in those movies.

Thus, it does appear that Ewan McGregor has done his research very well in order to give us a bit of Alec Guinness back from his character’s portrayal. He didn’t talk specifically about how his performance would get influenced by what Alec Guinness has left behind but did share a few of the challenges that were faced by him during the making. 

His major challenge was to do justice to the role played by Guinness as this time, he is very close in age to him. He also expressed how much he loves Alec Guinness and mentioned about the great honor he has had in trying and pretending to be him.

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