“I’ve never played a ghost before, this is bloody exciting”, says T’Nia Miller

The show, The Haunting of Hill has now taken a different ride of roller coaster filled with adventures. The fifth episode of the show will have Hannah’s different behavior and some twists.

“The Altar of the Dead” is wholly dedicated to Hannah’ story and connects all the threads that were left in previous episodes. As it was shown, Hannah was murdered by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth’s Peter Quint which clears that the Hannah everyone has been seeing is actually a “Ghost”.

“Oh my God. So they were asking me as they collaborate, and I was still in London- I was shooting something else, Netflix’s Sex Education- and they sent episodes 1-3, and I hadn’t got 4 to 5 yet. And Mike was like “have you read up to 5 already? I’m like, No. so was Lynn, the costume designer. And then when I got to it, I was like, ‘shutttuuupp’, What? I’m a Ghost! I’ve never played a ghost before. This is bloody exciting’. And I love a good prank. I will prank you, scare you, and jump out, and you know, I live for those moments”.

T’Nia Miller‘s amazing work brought the spectral nature alive. The way she made her appear in all the way was great. She worked both as caretaker and loving friend so it was a bit difficult to guess the end.

Miller spoke about the character’s inspiration and talked about the situation that Hannah in the show was facing and how everyone in their life faces things and this led to her role so specifically.

Anjali Singh
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