Japanese teacher accused of punishing judo students through martial arts for eating popsicle

A Judo instructor in Japan, Takahiro Ueno, allegedly used martial arts to violently punish two middle school students as they ate popsicle sticks, which left one of the students with a serious spinal fracture. 

The 50 year old Judo club advisor Takarazuka Municipal Nagao Junior High School, was arrested on Monday. 

According to reports, he went on a 30 minute assault on the boys , aged 12 years and 13 years old, hitting , throwing them to the ground and pinning them to the floor. He placed one of the boys in a chokehold making the subject unconscious, upon which the instructor slapped the boy awake and repeated the move again.

The 13 year old student suffered a bruised neck, while the younger one was dealt more serious injuries, including a spinal fracture. Its expected to take atleast 3 months to heal. 

The school notified the authorities of the assault after one of the student’s parents complained to the school. 

Ueno has previous records of such outbursts, and has been disciplined before for atleast three other incidents, including when he broke one student’s nose. He got a salary cut, and had to go through anger management training.

Nishad kinhikar
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