JK Rowling And Stephen King Fuel Feud Rumors

It was a peculiar interaction on the social network.

It is no surprise to anyone that in the last month JK Rowling has been in the eye of the hurricane due to the author’s statements on Twitter about his views on issues related to transsexuality, which has been classified as transphobic. Now Stephen King has shown his support for the trans community and JK Rowling decided to delete a post dedicated to him.

It all started on Sunday, June 29 where the author went to Twitter to write a thread in which she talks about how some men react to the statements given by women and quoting the author Andrea Dworkin:

“Men usually react to women’s words – written and spoken – as if they were a violent act; sometimes men react to the words of women with violence “.

Stephen King retweet the author’s tweet, which is why she took it with an act of support for her person amidst the hail of criticism that has happened since our controversial statement on June 6. The author proceeds to thank her for her support as a man concerned about the difficulties women face. Or she specifically.

“I have always revered Stephen King, but today my love reached him – perhaps not on the level of Annie Wilkes – but to new standards. It is much easier for men to ignore or dwarf women’s concerns, but I will never forget men who got up when they didn’t have to. Thanks, Stephen.

Upon viewing this author’s text dedicated to King, fans began to write to the author about Rowling’s transphobic statements, asking him to point her out. To all of these requests, King showed his support for the trans community saying that trans women are women.

With this statement by Stephen King, fans probably expected Rowling to show openness to what the author had said. However, following this tweet from King, Rowling decided to delete her tweet by praising her and thanking her for her support.

Several fans have responded negatively to JK Rowling as they say that doing this speaks worse of their ideals.

Not to mention that she stopped following him because she shared her opinion with someone else! What madness!

Apparently the outcome of this interaction between JK Rowling and Stephen King was not what she expected, but it is not the first derived from her statements. Previously Warner Bros. and its own publisher also took their own stand against the author of Harry Potter.