Joe Biden won primaries in New York and Kingdom

Joe Biden is the winner of the primaries on Tuesday in New York and Kentucky.

CBS News designs CBS News reports that it currently has 2.304 delegates from Tuesday night, which surpassed the 1.991 needed to claim the Democratic nomination earlier this month.

Even if Biden was the only contender in the race after his campaign was suspended on 8 April by Bernie Sanders, Sanders remains on the ballot.

The Brooklyn-based Sanders has a large fan base in New York, and a campaign announcement rally has organized in Brooklyn.

Joe Biden won primaries in New York and Kingdom
Joe Biden won primaries in New York and Kingdom

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delayed the state’s timetable on 28 April primary until 23 June at the height of the epidemic of coronavirus.

After the campaign suspended by Sanders, the Board of Electoral Council voted to cancel the primary one but faced the resistance from the promotion of Sanders and Andrew Yang.

Despite the legal challenge of Yang, and representative party aimed at stopping cancellations, the United States, District Judge Analisa Torres ruled on 6 May on the unconstitutional existence of abortion.

“When all but one Presidential candidate excluded from the ballot and the election not contested. Delegate candidates stripped of the chance to contend for delegate slots, and the course of the proceedings at the Convention formed.

And electors will lack the ability to demonstrate their preference for members who hold their views.”

Several highly watched house primary activities occur in New York including Jamaal Bowman ‘s democratic challenge to Eliot Engel, 31-year-long prisoner in northerly Bronx and Westchester, and a 12-person open-seat contest in the 15th District of Congress, the country’s best and poor Representative.

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